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ThinkMind // ACHI 2012, The Fifth International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions

Type: conference

Download: ACHI 2012 cover page

Download: ACHI 2012 foreword page

Download: ACHI 2012 committee page

Download: ACHI 2012 table of contents

Download: ACHI 2012 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Leslie Miller, Iowa State University - Ames, USA
Silvana Roncagliolo, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile

Event editions: - there are 11 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4138

ISBN: 978-1-61208-177-9

Location: Valencia, Spain

Dates: from January 30, 2012 to February 4, 2012

Articles: there are 63 articles

GPU Based Burning Process Simulation
Ran Jiao, Liu Yonggan, and Hao Aimin
keywords: burning; fire spreading model; deformation;

Context-dependent Action Interpretation in Interactive Storytelling Games
Chung-Lun Lu and Von-Wun Soo
keywords: interactive storytelling; behabior interpretation

Developing User-Centered Video Game Concepts for Language Learning
Yorick Poels, Jan-Henk Annema, Bieke Zaman, and Frederik Cornillie
keywords: co-design, user-centered, games, language learning

Online Casinos: The Addiction Under Control Role of Web 2.0 and re-documentarisation
Karim Fraoua and Christian Bourret
keywords: online; gambling; addiction; neuroeconomy; game theory; information system

Evaluation of User Interface Satisfaction of Mobile Maps for Touch Screen Interfaces
Ya-Li Lin
keywords: User Interface Satisfaction; Mobile Map; Mobile Spatial Interaction; Touch Screen; Sense of Direction.

Tablet PCs – An Assistive Technology for Students with Reading Difficulties?
Andrea A. Gasparini and Alma Leora Culén
keywords: assistive technology; iPad; reading difficulties; tablet PC; technology adoption

Spatial Ability and Map-Based Software Applications
Michelle Rusch, Sarah Nusser, Les Miller, Georgi Batinov, and Kofi Whitney
keywords: usability, spatial ability

A Presentation Support System by Expanding Embodiment with a Mobile Touchscreen Device
Michiya Yamamoto, Taku Murabayashi, and Tomio Watanabe
keywords: presentation support; expansion of embodiment

Designing Mobile Apps for Visually Impaired and Blind Users
Javier Sanchez and Joaquín Selva Roca de Togores
keywords: design ; mobile App ; visually impaired ; blind ; usability ; low vision mobile portal ; accesibility ; iOS ; iPhone

Building Bridges Between Elderly and TV Application Developers
José Coelho, Carlos Duarte, Pedro Feiteira, Daniel Costa, and David Costa
keywords: multimodal, adaptation, developers, elderly

Analysis of Volumetric Tactile Symbols Produced with 3D Printing
Jaume Gual, Marina Puyuelo, and Joaquim Lloveras
keywords: tactile symbols; tactile maps; inclusive design; visual impairment

Ethnographic Examination for Studying Information Sharing Practices in Rural South Africa
Amandeep Dhir, Imad Moukadem, Nobert Jere, Puneet Kaur, Sari Kujala, and Antti Ylä-Jääski
keywords: Emerging markets; ethnography; information sharing; oral culture; rural users

Accessibility Study of Rich Web Interface Components
Juliana Braga, Rafael Damaceno, Rodrigo Leme, and Silvia Dotta
keywords: Rich Internet; accessibility; WAI-ARIA; Web 2.0

Virtualization Technology for Multi-display Systems
Igor Petukhov, Lyudmila Steshina, and Ilya Tanryverdiev
keywords: multi-user multi-monitor systems; virtual machine technology; interface

A Generic Approach to Interactive University Timetabling
Michael Zeising and Stefan Jablonski
keywords: interactive timetabling, decision support systems, examination regulations, planning user interfaces

The Utility of Controlled Vocabularies within Bookmark Management Tasks
Siu-Tsen Shen and Stephen D. Prior
keywords: controlled vocabulary; bookmark management; web browser; information search; information retrieval

Designing Multi-Modal Map-Based Interfaces for Disaster Management
Volker Paelke, Karsten Nebe, Christian Geiger, Florian Klompmaker, and Holger Fischer
keywords: post-WIMP user interfaces; natural user interfaces; mapping; geo-visualization; multi-touch interaction; pen-based interaction; tangible interaction

Multilingual Ontology Alignment Based on Visual Representations of Ontology Concepts
Srdan Mihic and Dragan Ivetic
keywords: multilingual ontologies; ontology alignment; image retrieval; multimedia semantics

TsoKaDo: An Image Search Engine Performing Recursive Query Recommendation Based on Visual Information
Lazaros Tsochatzidis, Athanasios Kapoutsis, Nikos Dourvas, Savvas Chatzichristofis, Yiannis Boutalis, and Konstantinos Zagoris
keywords: Image Retrieval; Metadata; Image Annotation; Query Recommendation Systems.

Head Nod and Shake Gesture Interface for a Self-portrait Camera
Shaowei Chu and Jiro Tanaka
keywords: head gesture; self-portrait; human computer interaction; optical-flow; motion tracking

Towards 3D Data Environments using Multi-Touch Screens
Francisco R. Ortega, Armando Barreto, Naphtali Rishe, and Malek Adjouadi
keywords: Multi-Touch; 3D Interaction; 3D Navigation; Gestures.

User Interface for Trust Decision Making in Inter-Enterprise Collaborations
Puneet Kaur, Sini Ruohomaa, and Lea Kutvonen
keywords: trust decisions, reputation, risk, inter-enterprise collaboration, expert tool

Human Operator Perspective to Autonomic Network Management
Marja Liinasuo, Iina Aaltonen, Hannu Karvonen, Beatriz Fuentes, and Alfonso Castro
keywords: autonomic networks; self x; Network Governance; human operators; human factors.

Contents Enforme: Automatic Deformation of Content for Multi-features without Information Loss
Hiroaki Tobita
keywords: Deformation; Information Retrieval; Video Compression; Zooming; Thumbnail; Net-meeting.

Authenticated Tangible Interaction using RFID and Depth-Sensing Cameras
Florian Klompmaker, Holger Fischer, and Helge Jung
keywords: natural user interfaces; multitouch interaction; tangible interaction; interactive table; authentication

Generic Brain-computer Interface for Social and Human-computer Interaction
Julita de la Vega Arias, Christoph Hintermüller, and Christoph Guger
keywords: Brain-Computer Interface; BCI; P300; Visual Evoked Potentials; speller; Second Life; Virtual Smart Home

A Conversational System to Assist the User when Accessing Web Sources in the Medical Domain
Marta Gatius and Tsetsegkhand Namsrai
keywords: Keywords-conversational web assistant systems; ontologies; medical domain.

Face Detection CUDA Accelerating
Jaromír Krpec and Martin Němec
keywords: CUDA; GPU; Face Detection; Viola and Jones algorithm

User Attention in Mobile Devices
Pekka Isomursu, Minna Isomursu, and Mari Ervasti
keywords: mobile Internet; attentive user interface; user interface; UI; ambient notification; human factors; design.

Semiautomatic Evaluation of Websites Usability
Eva Garcia, Antonio Garcia-Cabot, Luis de-Marcos, Salvador Oton, and Jose-Ramon Hilera
keywords: Usability evaluation; usability guidelines; heuristic evaluation; web usability

Motion-sound Interaction Using Sonification based on Motiongrams
Alexander Refsum Jensenius
keywords: sonification; motion; motiongram; jamoma

Touchscreen Interfaces for Visual Languages
Michael Hackett and Philip T. Cox
keywords: Touchscreens; visual programming; bimanual; user interfaces; kinaesthetic feedback

Design Guidelines for Hybrid 2D/3D User Interfaces on Tablet Devices - A User Experience Evaluation
Katri Salo, Leena Arhippainen, and Seamus Hickey
keywords: 3D; hybrid; tablet; user experience; user interface

A Usage-Centered Evaluation Methodology for Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Jurriaan van Diggelen, Rosemarijn Looije, Tina Mioch, Mark Neerincx, and Nanja Smets
keywords: Human-robot cooperation; Performance evaluation

An Error Analysis Model for Adaptive Deformation Simulation
Umut Kocak, Karljohan Lundin Palmerius, and Matthew Cooper
keywords: physically based, deformation, multi-resolution, perception, error, analysis

On the Evaluation of Auditory and Head-up Displays While Driving
Christina Dicke, Grega Jakus, Saso Tomazic, and Jaka Sodnik
keywords: Human-computer interaction; auditory interface; head-up display; car simulator; driving performance

Evaluating the Usability and the Communicability of Grid Computing Applications
Cristian Rusu, Silvana Roncagliolo, Arturo Figueroa, Virginica Rusu, and Dorian Gorgan
keywords: usability; communicability; grid computing applications; semiotic engineering; usability heuristics

Practical Usability in XP Software Development Processes
Zahid Hussain, Martin Lechner, Harald Milchrahm, Sara Shahzad, Wolfgang Slany, Martin Umgeher, Thomas Vlk, Christina Koeffel, Manfred Tscheligi, and Peter Wolkerstorfer
keywords: Agile Methods; Extreme Programming; Usability; User Experience; User-Centered Design.

Emotion Recognition Through ANS Responses Evoked by Negative Emotions
Eun-Hye Jang, Byoung-Jun Park, Yeongji Eum, Sang-Hyeob Kim, Chul Huh, and Jin-Hun Sohn
keywords: emotion recognition; machine learning algorithm; ANS responses

Identification of Optimal Emotion Classifier with Feature Selections Using Physiological Signals
Byoung-Jun Park, Eun-Hye Jang, Sang-Hyeob Kim, Chul Huh, and Jin-Hun Sohn
keywords: emotion classification, physiologial signals, prototypes, feature selection, particle swarm optimization

Interacting with Navigation Devices: A Case Study
Javier Calle, Esperanza Albacete, Enrique Sánchez, and Dolores Cuadra
keywords: Guiding Service; Natural Interaction; Evaluation

Kalman Filter for Tracking Robotic Arms Using low cost 3D Vision Systems
Enrique Martinez-Berti, Antonio-José Sanchez-Salmerón, and Francesc Benimeli
keywords: low cost vision system; Kalman filter; augmented reality; kinematics; Human–machine interaction.

Predicting Performance and Situation Awareness of Robot Operators in Complex Situations by Unit Task Tests
Tina Mioch, Nanja J. J. M. Smets, and Mark A. Neerincx
keywords: Human-robot cooperation; Performance evaluation

Evaluation of Cognitive Effort in the Perception of Engineering Drawings as 3D Models
Florin Girbacia
keywords: computer aided design; product development; engineering drawings; mental reconstruction

A Recommendation Method Based on Contents and User Feedback
So Ryoung Kim, Sang Min Choi, Yo Sub Han, and Lae Hyun Kim
keywords: Recommend method, Learning algorithm, User Preference, Recommendation system

Developing a Human Computer Interaction Course for an Information Technology Major
Cynthia Lester
keywords: Human computer interaction; information technology; undergraduate students

Physical Instructional Support System Using Virtual Avatars
Tomoaki Ogawa and Yasushi Kambayashi
keywords: sport; Kinect; MMDAgentt; remote instruction

Situated Cognitive Engineering: The Requirements and Design of Automatically Directed Scenario-based Training
Marieke Peeters, Karel van den Bosch, John-Jules Ch. Meyer, and Mark A. Neerincx
keywords: director; scenario; training; cognitive engineering

Augmented Reality in Minimally Invasive Surgery
Lucio Tommaso De Paolis De Paolis and Giovanni Aloisio Aloisio
keywords: Augmented Reality, medical images, minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopic pediatric surgery, RF ablation

Increased Cognitive Load in Resolution of Problems Caused by Human Error on New Aircrafts
Edgard Martins
keywords: New technologies; Automation; Human error

Using Social Media for Collaborative Learning in Higher Education: A Case Study
Na Li, Sandy El Helou, and Denis Gillet
keywords: social media, collaborative learning, knowledge management, E-Learning 2.0

AlgoPath: A New Way of Learning Algorithmic
Estelle Perrin, Sébastien Linck, and Frédéric Danesi
keywords: 3D-based training; education; algorithmics; ludic teaching

Alleyoop: Interactive Information Retrieval System with Sketch Manipulations
Hiroaki Tobita
keywords: Retrieval; Information Visualization; Sketch and Paint Manipulations; Interactive System.

Interactive Hand Gesture-based Assembly for Augmented Reality Applications
Rafael Radkowski and Christian Stritzke
keywords: Augmented Reality; Interaction; Interactive Assembly

A Dance Training System that Maps Self-Images onto an Instruction Video
Minoru Fujimoto, Tsutomu Terada, and Masahiko Tsukamoto
keywords: motion capture; motion training

Interaction in Augmented Reality by Means of Z-buffer Based Collision Detection
Yasuyuki Souma, Hidemi Yamachi, Yasuhiro Tsujimura, and Yasushi Kambayashi
keywords: Cyber Radar; depth sensor; Z-buffer; collision detection; object detection

The Effect of Metacognition in Cooperation on Team Behaviors
Kohei Nonose, Taro Kanno, and Kazuo Furuta
keywords: team cooperation, cognition, measurements, training

Educational Playability Analyzing Player Experiences in Educational Video Games
Amer Ibrahim, Francisco Luis Gutiérrez Vela, José Luis González Sánchez, and Natalia Padilla Zea
keywords: Playability; Player Experience; Educational Video Game.

User Experience: Buzzword or New Paradigm?
Dominique Scapin, Bernard Senach, Brigitte Trousse, and Marc Pallot
keywords: User Experience, Usage, HCI, New Paradigm, Hedonic, Pragmatic, Methods

Enhancing Automatic Detection of Frustration Induced During HCI with Moment-based Biosignal Features
Dimitris Giakoumis, Dimitrios Tzovaras, and George Hassapis
keywords: automatic frustration detection, biosignals, moment-based features, video game-playing

Adaptivity Considerations for Enhancing User-Centric Web Experience
Marios Belk, Panagiotis Germanakos, Panagiotis Zaharias, and George Samaras
keywords: User-adaptive systems; User Modeling (UM); User Experience (UX); Cognitive Factors

Modality Preferences of Different User Groups
Benjamin Weiss, Sebastian Möller, and Matthias Schulz
keywords: multimodal dialog system; evaluation; user factors

Users’ Trust and Secure Feeling towards Cloud Services
Kaarina Karppinen
keywords: cloud services; end users; security; trust

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