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ThinkMind // CLOUD COMPUTING 2012, The Third International Conference on Cloud Computing, GRIDs, and Virtualization

Type: conference

Download: CLOUD COMPUTING 2012 cover page

Download: CLOUD COMPUTING 2012 foreword page

Download: CLOUD COMPUTING 2012 committee page

Download: CLOUD COMPUTING 2012 table of contents

Download: CLOUD COMPUTING 2012 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Wolf Zimmermann, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
Yong Woo Lee, University of Seoul, Korea
Yuri Demchenko, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event editions: - there are 12 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4294

ISBN: 978-1-61208-216-5

Location: Nice, France

Dates: from July 22, 2012 to July 27, 2012

Articles: there are 44 articles

Proposed Joint Multiple Resource Allocation Method for Cloud Computing Services with Heterogeneous QoS
Yuuki Awano and Shin-ichi Kuribayashi
keywords: cloud computing, heterogeneous QoS, joint multiple resource allocation, hybrid cloud

Guidelines for Increasing the Adoption of Cloud Computing within SMEs
Marius Marian and Ileana Hamburg
keywords: small and medium enterprises, guidelines, cloud computing

IDSaaS: Intrusion Detection System as a Service in Public Clouds
Turki Alharkan and Patrick Martin
keywords: Security; Cloud Computing; Intrusion Detection System

A Semantic Model to Characterize Pricing and Negotiation Schemes of Cloud Resources
Giuseppe Di Modica and Orazio Tomarchio
keywords: Cloud computing; Price model; SLA negotiation; Ontology

Controlling Data-Flow in the Cloud
Mandy Weißbach and Wolf Zimmermann
keywords: data-flow; service-level agreement; cloud security

A Security Architecture for Cloud Storage Combining Proofs of Retrievability and Fairness
Aiiad Albeshri, Colin Boyd, and Juan Gonzalez Nieto
keywords: Cloud Computing; Cloud Storage; Cloud Security

The Optimal Resource Allocation Among Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing
Marjan Gusev and Sasko Ristov
keywords: Cache memory; Cloud Computing; Matrix Multiplication; Shared Memory; Virtualization.

A Framework for the Flexible Deployment of Scientific Workflows in Grid Environments
Javier Fabra, Sergio Hernández, Pedro Álvarez, and Joaquín Ezpeleta
keywords: middleware for integration; scientific workflow deployment; grid-based systems.

Semi-shared Storage Subsystem for OpenNebula
Sandor Acs, Péter Kacsuk, and Miklos Kozlovszky
keywords: cloud computing; OpenNebula; storage subsystem; I/O performance

A Fast Virtual Machine Storage Migration Technique Using Data Deduplication
Kazushi Takahashi, Koichi Sasada, and Takahiro Hirofuchi
keywords: Virtual Machine Monitor; VMM; VM Live Migration; VM Storage Migration

Network Performance-Aware Virtual Machine Migration in Data Centers
Jun Chen, Weidong Liu, and Jiaxing Song
keywords: virtualization; virtual machine migration; data center; load balancing

Performance Influence of Live Migration on Multi-Tier Workloads in Virtualization Environments
Xiaohong Jiang, Fengxi Yan, and Kejiang Ye
keywords: virtualization, live migration, XEN, Muti-tier workload

About the flexible Migration of Workflow Tasks to Clouds
Michael Gerhards, Volker Sander, and Adam Belloum
keywords: Cloud Computing; Cloud Service Broker; Grid Computing; Workflow; Workflow Orchestration

HPCCA: Is efficient in Mobile Cloud Environment (MCE)?
Khalid Mohiuddin, Ashiqee Rasool Mohammad, Asharul Islam, and Aftab Alam
keywords: Mobile Cloud Computing; High Performance Cloud Computing Applications; High Performance Computing; Smartphones.

Intercloud Object Storage Service: Colony
Shigetoshi Yokoyama, Nobukazu Yoshioka, and Motonobu Ichimura
keywords: Cloud computing; Object storage service; OpenStack; Intercloud; Cloud federation.

Mobile Cloud Computing Environment as a Support for Mobile Learning
Stojan Kitanov and Danco Davcev
keywords: Cloud Computing (CC); Distance Learning (DL); Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC); Mobile Distance Learning (MDL); High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster

Provenance in the Cloud: Why and How?
Muhammad Imran and Helmut Hlavacs
keywords: provenance; research or open Clouds.

A Secure Data Access Mechanism for Cloud Tenants
Chunming Rong and Hongbing Cheng
keywords: Cloud computing; Big data center; Data access; Data security

Dynamic Scenarios of Trust Establishment in the Public Cloud Service Market
So Young Kim, Junseok Hwang, and Jörn Altmann
keywords: public cloud computing; trust; signaling; equilibrium; dynamic.

De-replication: A Dynamic Memory Aware Mechanism
Manu Vardhan, Paras Gupta, and Dharmender Singh Kushwaha
keywords: De-replication; Distributed Systems; Replication

Evaluating Eucalyptus Virtual Machine Instance Types: a Study Considering Distinct Workload Demand
Erica Sousa, Paulo Maciel, Erico Medeiros, Débora Souza, Fernando Lins, and Eduardo Tavares
keywords: cloud computing; eucalyptus platform; performance evaluation.

Towards a SLA-compliant Cloud Resource Allocator for N-tier Applications
Aaron McConnell, Gerard Parr, Sally McClean, Philip Morrow, and Bryan Scotney
keywords: cloud computing; resource allocation; virtualisation

Simulation-based Evaluation of an Intercloud Service Broker
Foued Jrad, Jie Tao, and Achim Streit
keywords: Cloud Brokering, Intercloud Computing, Simulation Environment, Cloud Interoperability, ClouSim Toolkit

A Study of Cloud Mobility in a Mobile Cloud Network based on Future Internet Approach
Dongha Kim, Hyunjun Kim, Gijeong Kim, and Sungwon Lee
keywords: cloud, mobile cloud, cloud mobility, future internet, FiRSTCloud AM

Provenance Framework for the Cloud Environment (IaaS)
Muhammad Imran and Helmut Hlavacs
keywords: provenance framework; cloud IaaS

Enhancing Mobile Device Security by Security Level Integration in a Cloud Proxy
Thomas Ruebsamen and Christoph Reich
keywords: security; cloud computing; mobile device; mobile security

Maximizing Utilization in Private IaaS Clouds with Heterogenous Load
Tomas Vondra and Jan Sedivy
keywords: Cloud Computing; Automatic Scaling; Job Scheduling; Real-time Infrastucture

Defining Inter-Cloud Architecture for Interoperability and Integration
Yuri Demchenko, Canh Ngo, Marc Makkes, Rudolf Stgrijkers, and Cees de Laat
keywords: Inter-Cloud Architecture; Cloud Computing Reference Architecture; Architectural framework for cloud infrastructure services provisioned on-demand; Cloud middleware

Cloud Network Security Monitoring and Response System
Murat Mukhtarov, Natalia Miloslavskaya, and Alexander Tolstoy
keywords: Cloud computing; Cloud infrastructure; Virtual Infrastructure; Application Hosting; Network Security

Analysis and Optimization of Massive Data Processing on High Performance Computing Architecture
He Huang, Shanshan Li, Xiaodong Yi, Feng Zhang, Xiangke Liao, and Pan Dong
keywords: high-performance computer; massive data processing; MapReduce paradigm.

Providing a Solution for Live Migration of Virtual Machines in Eucalyptus Cloud Computing Infrastructure without Using a Shared Disk
Shayan Zamani Rad, Morteza Sargolzai Javan, and Mohammad Kazem Akbari
keywords: Eucalyptus; Cloud computing infrastructure; Virtual Machine; Migration

Proactive Performance Optimization of IT Services Supply-Chain Utilizing a Business Service Innovation Value Roadmap
Ethan Hadar, Jason Davis, and Donald F. Ferguson
keywords: Business Service Innovation; cloud optimization; cloud quality; IT services supply-chain

Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Systems Through Formation of Coalitions in a Spatially Generalized Prisoner's Dilemma Game
Jakub Gasior and Franciszek Seredynski
keywords: Cloud computing; Cellular automata; Load-balancing; Spatial prisoner's dilemma

Cloud Computing Brokering Service : A Trust Framework
Prashant Khanna and Budida Babu
keywords: Cloud Brokers; Cloud Computing; SLA; Service Provisioning; Trust.

Towards a Domain-Specific Language to Deploy Applications in the Clouds
Eirik Brandtzaeg, Parastoo Mohagheghi, and Sebastien Mosser
keywords: Cloud-computing; Modeling; Deployment.

Cloud-based Healthcare: Towards a SLA Compliant Network Aware Solution for Medical Image Processing
Shane Hallett, Gerard Parr, Sally McClean, Aaron McConnell, and Basim Majeed
keywords: cloud computing; virtual machine placement; genetic algorithm; network awareness

Cloud Objects: Programming the Cloud with Object-Oriented Map/Reduce
Julian Friedman and Manuel Oriol
keywords: Map/Reduce, Hadoop, JPA, Cloud Computing

Reliable Approach to Sell the Spare Capacity in the Cloud
Wesam Dawoud, Ibrahim Takouna, and Christoph Meinel
keywords: IaaS; Spot instances; Dynamic scalability;

Enabling the Deployment of Virtual Clusters on the VCOC Experiment of the BonFIRE Federated Cloud
Raul Valin, Luis M. Carril, J. Carlos Mouriño, Carmen Cotelo, Andrés Gomez, and Carlos Fernandez
keywords: Cloud computing; Federated clouds; Virtualization; Cloud platforms; Virtual clusters; IaaS; SaaS.

Towards a Scalable Cloud-based RDF Storage Offering a Pub/Sub Query Service
Laurent Pellegrino, Françoise Baude, and Iyad Alshabani
keywords: RDF (Resource Description Framework); Pub- lish/Subscribe; RDF data management; Cloud Computing

Datanode Optimization in Distributed Storage Systems
Xiaokang Fan, Shanshan Li, Xiangke Liao, Lei Wang, Chenlin Huang, and Jun Ma
keywords: distributed storage system; file-level cache; co-location

ERHA: Execution and Resources Homogenization Architecture
Guilherme Galante, Luis Carlos Erpen Bona, Paulo Antonio Leal Rego, and José Neuman Souza
keywords: scientific applications; application execution; homogeneous environments

Cloud based Dynamically Provisioned Multimedia Delivery: An Elastic Video Endpoint (EVE).
Alistair Blair, Gerard Parr, Philip Morrow, Bryan Scotney, Aaron McConnell, Steve Appleby, and Mike Nilsson
keywords: cloud; elastic; content delivery network; dynamic provisioning

“cocoBox”: A Social File Cloud System for Collaboration
Ki-Sook Chung and Hyun-joo Bae
keywords: file cloud; REST; service component; score; tag; comment; collaboration

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