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ThinkMind // DBKDA 2013, The Fifth International Conference on Advances in Databases, Knowledge, and Data Applications

Type: conference

Download: DBKDA 2013 cover page

Download: DBKDA 2013 foreword page

Download: DBKDA 2013 committee page

Download: DBKDA 2013 table of contents

Download: DBKDA 2013 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Friedrich Laux, Reutlingen University, Germany
Lena Strömbäck, SMHI, Sweden

Event editions: - there are 11 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4332

ISBN: 978-1-61208-247-9

Location: Seville, Spain

Dates: from January 27, 2013 to February 1, 2013

Articles: there are 37 articles

A New Representation of WordNet® using Graph Databases
Khaled Nagi
keywords: WordNet®; semantic relationships; graph databases; storage models; performance analysis

FIMIOQR: Frequent Itemsets Mining for Interactive OLAP Query Recommendation
Rym Khemiri and Fadila Bentayeb
keywords: Interactive Recommendation; Data warehouse; Decision Query; Measure; Dimension attribute; Frequent Itemsets Mining; OLAP; Data warehouse

Geometric Mean based Boosting Algorithm
Myoung Jong Kim
keywords: data imbalance; GM-Boost; bankruptcy prediction

Primitive Operation Aggregation Algorithms for Improving Taxonomies for Large-Scale Hierarchical Classifiers
Kiyoshi Nitta
keywords: hierarchical classification; taxonomy modification

Data Management According to the Good Scientific Practice
Jan Potthoff, Marius Walk, and Sebastian Rieger
keywords: scientific data; data formats; long-term preservation; evidence

Parallel Processing of Multiple Graph Queries Using MapReduce
Song-Hyon Kim, Kyong-Ha Lee, Hyebong Choi, and Yoon-Joon Lee
keywords: parallel processing; MapReduce; graph query; big data;

On Using Object-Relational Technology for Querying LOD Repositories
Iztok Savnik
keywords: databases; RDF databases; query processing sys- tem; database system implementation.

Using Social Network Information to Identify User Contexts for Query Personalization
Diogo Alves, Marcello Freitas, Thiago Moura, and Damires Souza
keywords: Context, User Context Management, Query Personalization, Social Network Information

Finding Nearest Neighbors for Multi-Dimensional Data
Yong Shi and Marcus Judd
keywords: Similarity Search, Multi-query, Data Point Weight

Parallel Genetic Algorithm Model to Extract Association Rules
Ahmad Taleb, Anwar Yahya, and Nasser Taleb
keywords: Data mining, FP-Growth, Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms, scalability, performance, Parallel GA

Optimization of SuperSQL Execution by Query Decomposition
Ria Mae Borromeo and Motomichi Toyama
keywords: database applications; database publishing; query processing; query optimization.

Comparison of Subspace Projection Method with Traditional Clustering Algorithms for Clustering Electricity Consumption Data
Minghao Piao, Hyeon-Ah Park, Kyung-Ah Kim, and keun Ho Ryu
keywords: subspace projection; traditional clustering; K-menas; SOMs; Two-Step; local property; global propert

An Approach for Dynamic Materialization of Aggregates in Mixed Application Workloads
Stephan Müller, Carsten Meyer, and Hasso Plattner
keywords: caching, data aggregation, dynamic view mate- rialization, mixed-workload, OLAP, OLTP

About Summarization in Large Fuzzy Databases
Ines BenAli Sougui, Minyar Sassi Hidri, and Amel Grissa Touzi
keywords: Fuzzy DB; Fuzzy SQL; FCM; FCA; Concept Summary.

Provenance Policies for Subjective Filtering of the Aggregated Linked Data
Tomáš Knap
keywords: provenance; provenance policies; linked data; linked open data; data aggregation; data quality

Merging Multidimensional Data Models: A Practical Approach for Schema and Data Instances
Michael Mireku Kwakye, Iluju Kiringa, and Herna L. Viktor
keywords: Schema Merging; Data Integration; Model Management; Multidimensional Merge Algorithm; Data Warehousing

Considerations about Implementation Variants for Position Lists
Andreas Schmidt and Daniel Kimmig
keywords: Column stores, PositionList implementation variants, bitvector, compression, run length encoding, performance measure

Aspects of Append-Based Database Storage Management on Flash Memories
Robert Gottstein, Ilia Petrov, and Alejandro Buchmann
keywords: Multi Version Concurrency Control; Snapshot Isolation; Version; Append Storage; Flash; Data Placement

Mapping XML to Key-Value Database
Pavel Strnad, Ondrej Macek, and Pavel Jira
keywords: XML; key-value database; Redis; RedXML; XML mapping

Typing XPath Subexpressions With Respect to an XML Schema
Yasunori Ishihara, Kenji Hashimoto, Atsushi Ohno, Takuji Morimoto, and Toru Fujiwara
keywords: XPath, static analysis, type, XML schema

Modeling a Data Storage System (DSS) for Seamless Real-Time Information Support from Information Manufacturing System (IMS)
Mohammad Shamsul Islam and Paul Young
keywords: data loading; indexing; query processing

Knowledge Enhanced Framework for designing e-Workflow Systems
Farhi Marir and John Ndeta
keywords: e-workflow; framework; e-business process; knowledge management; design pattern

Modeling and Simulation Versions of Business Process using Petri Nets
Fatma Ellouze, Mohamed Amine Chaâbane, Rafik Bouaziz, and Eric Andonoff
keywords: Flexible Business Process; Version; VBP2M; Petri nets; Mapping rules; MDA framework

Parameterized Attribute and Service Levels Semantic Matchmaking Framework for Service Composition
Salem Chakhar
keywords: service composition; matchmaking; attribute-level matching; service-level matching.

Sales Prediction with Parametrized Time Series Analysis
Michael Schaidnagel, Christian Abele, Fritz Laux, and Ilia Petrov
keywords: sales prediction, multivariate time series, pricesales correlation, parametrized predictor

Enhancing Distributed Data Mining Performance by Multi-agent Systems
Maria del Pilar Angeles, Francisco Javier Garcia-Ugalde, and Jonathan Córdoba-Luna
keywords: Distributed Data Mining; Multi-Agent System; Multi Agent Data Mining; Agent BasedDistributed Data Mining

An Implementation Model for Managing Data and Service Semantics in Systems Integration
Miklós Kasza, Vilmos Szűcs, Vilmos Bilicki, Gábor Antal, and András Bánhalmi
keywords: semantic knowledge representation; ontologies; ontology mapping; ontology merging; systems integration; device management

Explanations of Recommendations Considering Human Factors in Recommender Systems
Muhammet Tugberk Isyapar
keywords: Recommender systems; recommendation algorithms; design and evaluation of recommender systems; explanations; human factors

Data and Provenance Management for Climate Effect Studies. Daption of Climate Data with Distribution Based Scaling for Hydrological Simulations
Lena Strömbäck, Kean Foster, and Jörgen Rosberg
keywords: workflow systems; climate studies; hydrology; data management; quality insurance; DBS tailoring tool; provenance

Dr Warehouse - An Intelligent Software System for Epidemiological Monitoring, Prediction, and Research
Vladimir Ivančević, Marko Knežević, Miloš Simić, Ivan Luković, and Danica Mandić
keywords: data warehouse; data mining; business intelligence; epidemiological analysis; absenteeism; disease outbreak prediction

Shrinking Data Balls in Metric Indexes
Bilegsaikhan Naidan and Magnus Lie Hetland
keywords: approximation algorithms, experiments, similarity search, metric space.

An Epidemiological Data Mining Application Based on Census Databases
Joaquín Pérez-Ortega, Crispín Zavala-Díaz, Alicia Martínez, Emmanuel Iturbide-Domínguez, Miguel Hidalgo-Reyes, and Adriana Mexicano-Santoyo
keywords: Data mining application; Mortality data; Census database

Clustering XML Data Streams by Structure based on SlidingWindows and Exponential Histograms
Mingxia Gao and Furong Chen
keywords: XML data stream; temporal cluster feature

Feasibility of the Implementation of a UML to XML Evolution Architecture Using Eclipse as Technological Ecosystem
Beatriz Pérez, Ángel Luis Rubio, and Gloria Yanguas
keywords: evolution architecture; UML class model; XML; Eclipse plug-ins

Capturing the History and Change Structure of Evolving Data
George Papastefanatos, Yannis Stavrakas, and Theodora Galani
keywords: data evolution; change modeling

Business Intelligence in an Educational Landscape
Marcio Rodrigo Teixeira and Mehran Misaghi
keywords: academic environment; business intelligence; data warehouse; knowledge

BA: Lean Manufacturing Indicators Applied to HR Applications - An Implementation Study
Robson Thanael Poffo and Mehran Misaghi
keywords: BA; Lean Manufacturing; Indicators; HR Systems

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