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ThinkMind // GEOProcessing 2016, The Eighth International Conference on Advanced Geographic Information Systems, Applications, and Services

Type: conference

Download: GEOProcessing 2016 cover page

Download: GEOProcessing 2016 foreword page

Download: GEOProcessing 2016 committee page

Download: GEOProcessing 2016 table of contents

Download: GEOProcessing 2016 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Claus-Peter Rückemann, Leibniz Universität Hannover / Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster / North-German Supercomputing Alliance (HLRN), Germany
Yerach Doytsher, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

Event editions: - there are 11 editions.

ISSN: 2308-393X

ISBN: 978-1-61208-469-5

Location: Venice, Italy

Dates: from April 24, 2016 to April 28, 2016

Articles: there are 28 articles

Evaluation of CASE Tools with UML Profile Support for Geographical Database Design
Thiago Ferreira, Jugurta Lisboa Filho, and Sergio Stempliuc
keywords: UML Profile; CASE tools; MDA; OCL; Geographical Database

Impact of DEM Processing on the Geotechnical Instability Analysis of Waste Heaps in Wallonia
Odile Close, Nathalie Stéphenne, and Christophe Frippiat
keywords: Digital Elevation Model, LiDAR, geotechnical risk, geospatial web services, terrain analysis

Uncovering User Profiles in Location-Based Social Networks
Soha A. Mohamed and Alia I. Abdelmoty
keywords: GeoFolksonomy;User Profiles;Location-based Social Networks

Modelling Urban Expansion: A Multiple Urban-Densities Approach
Ahmed Mustafa, Ismaïl Saadi, Mario Cools, and Jacques Teller
keywords: multinomial logistic regression; urban expansion; urban densities; driving forces

Spatial regression in health: modelling spatial neighbourhood of high risk population
Stefania Bertazzon
keywords: health geography; spatial regression analysis; spatial correlation; cardiovascular condition; cardiac catheterization; Seniors; risk population; residential location

On Improving Data Quality and Topology in Vector Spatial Data
Nina Solomakhina, Thomas Hubauer, and Silvio Becher
keywords: spatial data; networks; topology; topology errors

Identification of Areas with Potential for Flooding in South America
Sergio Rosim, João Ricardo de Freitas Oliveira, Alexandre Copertino Jardim, Laércio Massaru Namikawa, and Cláudia Maria de Almeida
keywords: flooding; drainage network

A Common Land-Use Change Model for Both the Walloon and Flanders Regions in Belgium
Benjamin Beaumont, Nathalie Stephenne, Eric Hallot, Lien Poelmans, and Odile Close
keywords: land-use change; cellular automata; sustainable spatial planning; risk assessment

Brokered Approach to Federating Data using Semantic Web Techniques
Jeremy Siao Him Fa, Geoff West, David McMeekin, and Simon Moncrieff
keywords: integration; semantic; wfs; federation; broker; owl-s.

Underground Monitoring Systems using 3D GIS for Public Safety
Kwangsoo Kim, Dong-Hwan Park, Jaeheum Lee, and Inwhan Lee
keywords: underground facility; underground safety; 3D GIS

Image Based-Localization on Mobile Devices Using Geometric Features of Buildings
Hasinarivo Marie Berthis Ramanana, Andriamasinoro Rahajaniaina, and Jean-Pierre Jessel
keywords: Image-based localization; cross-ratios; GIS; building recognition

A Method for Calculating Shape Similarity among Trajectory of Moving Object Based on Statistical Correlation of Angular Deflection Vectors
Alexandre Altair de Melo, Glaucio Scheibel, Fabiano Baldo, and Fernando José Braz
keywords: Moving Objects; Trajectory; Similarity; Correlation Statistics.

Advanced Association Processing and Computation Facilities for Geoscientific and Archaeological Knowledge Resources Components
Claus-Peter Rückemann
keywords: Knowledge Discovery; Association Processing; Scientific Knowledge Resources; Universal Decimal Classification; Advanced Computing.

Differential Morphological Profile for Threat Detection on Pipeline Right-of-Way
Katia Stankov and Boyd Tolton
keywords: remote sensing image processing; right-of-way threats detection; histograms of oriented gradients; differential morphological profile.

SOLAP_Frame: A Framework for SOLAP using Heterogeneous Data Sources
Tiago Eduardo da Silva, Daniel Farias Batista Leite, and Cláudio de Souza Baptista
keywords: Business Intellignce; GIS; SOLAP.

Geographic Metadata Searching with Semantic and Spatial Filtering Methods
Tristan W. Reed, Elizabeth-Kate Gulland, Geoff West, David A. McMeekin, and Simon Moncrieff
keywords: Semantic search; Resource Description Framework; Spatial search; Metadata; Thesaurus; Graph; Ontology.

A Linear Approach for Spatial Data Integration
Alexey Noskov and Yerach Doytsher
keywords: Geometry fusion; triangulation; shortest path; topology

BIM/GIS-based Data Integration Framework for Facility Management
Tae-Wook Kang, Seung-Hwa Park, and Chang-Hee Hong
keywords: BIM; GIS; FM; integration; surface model; BG- DI

Context-aware Indoor-Outdoor Detection for Seamless Smartphone Positioning
Niklas Kroll, Michael Jäger, and Sebastian Sueß
keywords: IO Detection; Smartphone Positioning; Indoor Positioning; Seamless Transition; Context-aware Computing

A Raster SOLAP for the Visualization of Crime Data Fields
Jean-Paul Kasprzyk and Jean-Paul Donnay
keywords: Data Warehouse; Kernel Density Estimation; GIS; Business Intelligence; Crime Hotspots Analysis.

Comparative Evaluation of Alternative Addressing Schemes
Konstantin Clemens
keywords: Geocoding; Address Schemes; Geohash; GIS

Geospatial Content Services in the Digital Government
Lassi Lehto, Pekka Latvala, Tapani Sarjakoski, and Jari Reini
keywords: interoperability, eGovernment, data exchange, Web Services.

Mission Exploitation Platform PROBA-V
Jeroen Dries, Erwin Goor, and Dirk Daems
keywords: MEP Mission Exploitation Platform; PROBA-V; vegetation; data analytics; on-demand processing; Web Services

On Feasibility to Detect Volcanoes Hidden under Ice of Antarctica via their “Gravitational Signal”
Jaroslav Klokočník, Aleš Bezděk, and Jan Kostelecký
keywords: gravity field model EIGEN 6C4; Bedmap 2; functions of disturbing potential; volcano; Antarctica

We Need to Rethink How We Describe and Organize Spatial Information Instrumenting and Observing the Community of Users to Improve Data Description and Discovery
Mark Gahegan and Benjamin Adams
keywords: Data description; data discovery; data reuse; geographic information observatories; graphical model; knowledge representation

Improving Spatial Data Supply Chains: Learnings from the Manufacturing Industry
Lesley Arnold
keywords: Spatial Data; Supply Chain Management; Strategy; Traceability; Fit for Purpose

Spatial Data Supply Chain Provenance Modelling for Next Generation Spatial Infrastructures Using Semantic Web Technologies
Muhammad Azeem Sadiq, David McMeekin, and Lesley Arnold
keywords: spatial data supply chain; spatuial data provenance; semantic Web; ontology; trust; processess and services

Geographical General Regression Neural Network (GGRNN) Tool For Geographically Weighted Regression Analysis
Muhammad Irfan, Aleksandra Koj, Hywel Thomas, and Majid Sedighi
keywords: GGRNN; GRNN; GWR; ANN; Spatial Kernel

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