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ThinkMind // ICN 2011, The Tenth International Conference on Networks

Type: conference

Download: ICN 2011 cover page

Download: ICN 2011 foreword page

Download: ICN 2011 committee page

Download: ICN 2011 table of contents

Download: ICN 2011 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Pascal Lorenz, University of Haute Alsace, France
Tibor Gyires, Illinois State University, USA
Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

Event editions: - there are 11 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4413

ISBN: 978-1-61208-113-7

Location: St. Maarten, The Netherlands Antilles

Dates: from January 23, 2011 to January 28, 2011

Articles: there are 76 articles

Trust Model-based Secure Cooperative Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radio Networks
Deming Pang, Gang Hu, and Ming Xu
keywords: Cognitive Radio Networks; Cooperative Spectrum Sensing; Trust Model; Weighted Bayesian Detection.

Customer Security Concerns in Cloud Computing
Shirlei Chaves, Carlos Westphall, Carla Westphall, and Guilherme Geronimo
keywords: Cloud computing; security; distributed computing.

Access Control in a Form of Active Queuing Management in Congested Network Environment
Vladimir Zaborovsky and Vladimir Mulukha
keywords: access control, authorized use, virtual connection, priority queueing management, randomized push-out mechanism

IPv6: Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Matthew Dunlop, Stephen Groat, Randy Marchany, and Joseph Tront
keywords: IPv6 addressing, privacy protection

A Review Study on Image Digital Watermarking
Charles Fung, Antônio Gortan, and Walter Godoy Junior
keywords: digital watermarking; wavelets; security; dwt; lwt; svd.

Security Analysis of LTE Access Network
Cristina-Elena Vintila, Victor-Valeriu Patriciu, and Ion Bica
keywords: SAE; LTE; EPC; security; eNodeB; shared-secret; HSS; Diameter; EAP; AKA; J-PAKE

Anonymous Key Issuing Protocol for Distributed Sakai-Kasahara Identity-based Scheme
Amar Siad and Moncef Amara
keywords: Key issuing protocols; Distributed key generation; Anonymous IBE

Efficiency Optimisation Of Tor Using Diffie-Hellman Chain
Kun Peng
keywords: TOR, efficient key exchange, Diffie-Hellman chain

Interaction between an Online Charging System and a Policy Server
Marc Cheboldaeff
keywords: Rating; Policy; IMS; OCS; PCRF; PCC; QoS

StepRoute - A MultiRoute Variant Based on Congestion Intervals
Ali Al-Shabibi and Brian Martin
keywords: Communication systems, Protocols, Moni- toring, Computer network performance, Communication system routing.

A Naming Scheme for Identifiers in a Locator/Identifier-Split Internet Architecture
Christoph Spleiß and Gerald Kunzmann
keywords: Locator/ID split; Future Internet; Naming schemes; Content Addressing

Address-Translation-Based Network Virtualization
Yasusi Kanada
keywords: network virtualization; segmentation; paging; network address translation; NAT; extranet

Next Generation Access Networks (NGANs) and the geographical segmentation of markets
João Paulo Pereira and Pedro Ferreira
keywords: Next Generation Networks, Next Generation Access Networks, Geographical Segmentation, Segmented Regulation, Nash Equilibrium

Does Cloud Computing Matter? Networking IT and Services Value in Organizations
Cheng-Chieh Huang and Ching-Cha Hsieh
keywords: cloud computing; IT value, actor network theory

Motivations and Challenges of Global Mobility with Universal Identity: A Review
Walaa Elsadek and Mikhail Mikhail
keywords: Mobile Computing; Interworking; Mobility; Mobile IP; Security; Wireless

A new Hybrid SPD-based Scheduling for EPONs
Qianjun Shuai, Jianzeng Li, Jinyao Yan, and Weijia Zhu
keywords: DBA; Online; Offline; Hybrid SPD-based Scheduling (HSPD); Last REPORT First (LRF)

Link Emulation on the Data Link Layer in a Linux-based Future Internet Testbed Environment
Martin Becke, Thomas Dreibholz, Erwin P. Rathgeb, and Johannes Formann
keywords: Link Emulation, Data Link Layer, Future Internet Testbed, NetEm, Dummynet

User utility function as Quality of Experience (QoE)
Manzoor Ahmed Khan and Umar Toseef
keywords: utility function; user satisfaction; QoE;

Tuning Self-Similar Traffic to Improve Loss Performance in Small Buffer Routers
Yongfei Zang and Jinyao Yan
keywords: buffer size; TCP; self-similarity; traffic smoothing

Performance evaluation of Burst deflection in OBS networks using Multi-Topology routing
Stein Gjessing
keywords: Optical burst switching, Multi-Topology routing, Performance modeling, Burst loss rate, Burst deflection, Selfsimilar and Poisson arrival processes.

Modeling and Evaluation of SWAP Scheduling Policy Under Varying Job Size Distributions
Idris A. Rai and Michael Okopa
keywords: Size-based scheduling; conditional mean response time; temporal dependence

Optical Protection with Pre-configured Backup Paths and Limited Backup Resource Sharing
Krishanthmohan Ratnam, Mohan Gurusamy, and Kee Chaing Chua
keywords: optical networks; wavelength-division-multiplexing; survivability;

DNS Security Control Measures: A heuristic-based Approach to Identify Real-time incidents
Joao Afonso and Pedro Veiga
keywords: DNS, security, intrusion detection system; real-time, monitoring

Design Experience with Routing SW and Related Applications
Miroslav Sveda
keywords: network architecture, sensor networks, intranets, validation of network configuration

Adaptive Load Balanced Routing for 2-Dilated Flattened Butterfly Switching Network
Ajithkumar Thamarakuzhi and John A Chandy
keywords: Routing; adaptive; switching architecture;

A Review of IPv6 Multihoming Solutions
Habib Naderi and Brian Carpenter
keywords: IPv6, Multihoming

An Analytic and Experimental Study on the Impact of Jitter Playout Buffer on the E-model in VoIP Quality Measurement
Olusegun Obafemi, Tibor Gyires, and Yongning Tang
keywords: Quality of Service, Quality of Experience, Jitter Buffer, Adaptive Playout Buffering, Conversational Quality, VoIP.

SIP Providers' Awareness of Media Connectivity
Stefan Gasterstädt, Markus Gusowski, and Bettina Schnor
keywords: Voice-over-IP (VoIP), media connectivity, SCTP

Improving SIP authentication
Lars Strand and Wolfgang Leister
keywords: SIP, authentication, Digest Access Authentication, security attack

Performance Evaluation of Inter-Vehicle Communications Based on the Proposed IEEE 802.11p Physical and MAC Layers Specifications
Diogo Acatauassu, Igor Couto, Patrick Alves, and Kelvin Dias
keywords: IEEE 802.11p, Vehicular Networks, NS-2.34

Cooperative Vehicle Information Delivery Scheme for ITS Networks with OFDM Modulation Techniques
Katsuhiro Naito, Kazuo Mori, and Hideo Kobayashi
keywords: VANET, ITS networks, OFDM, Media access control, Vehicle information

An Adaptive Mechanism for Access Control in VANETs
Alisson Souza, Ana Luiza Barros, Antônio Sérgio Vieira, Filipe Roberto, and Joaquim Celestino Júnior
keywords: VANET; 802.11p; Contention Window; Density; Fuzzy Logic

Methodology of Dynamic Architectural Adaptation for Ad hoc Networks Operating in Disturbed Environment
Farouk Aissanou and Ilham Benyahia
keywords: ad hoc networks; ant colony optimization algorithm; adaptive network communication architecture; cross-layer architecture; multi-criteria decision making.

A Regional City Council mGovernment Case Study: Success Factors for Acceptance and Trust
Shadi Al-Khamayseh and Elaine Lawrence
keywords: mobile; government, success factors; case study

Evaluation of Buffer Size for Middleware using Multiple Interface in Wireless Communication
Etsuko Miyazaki Miyazaki and Masato Oguchi
keywords: Multiple interface; Middleware; Buffer Size; IEEE 802.11

Mobile Ad-hoc Networks: an Experimentation System and Evaluation of Routing Algorithms
Maciej Foszczynski, Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, and Andrzej Kasprzak
keywords: wireless network; ad-hoc network; path finding; meta-heuristic algorithms; hybrid algorithm; simulation

Home Automation with IQRF Wireless Communication Platform: A Case Study
Radek Kuchta, Vladimir Sulc, and Jaroslav Kadlec
keywords: Home Automation; IQRF; IQMESH; Wireless communication; Networking

Secure Packet Transfer in Wireless Sensor Networks – A Trust-based Approach
Yenumula Reddy and Rastko Selmic
keywords: wireless sensor networks; repeated games; packet transfer; trust-based approach; secure transferof data.

Opportunistic Sensing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Hans Scholten and Pascal Bakker
keywords: opportunistic sensing, wireless sensor network, context awareness, activity recognition

Adaptive Techniques for Elimination of Redundant Handovers in Femtocells
Zdenek Becvar and Pavel Mach
keywords: femtocell; handover; Handover Delay Timer; windowing; LTE-A

Reconfigurable Tactical Impulse Radio UWB for Communication and Indoor Localization
Thomas Beluch, Aubin Lecointre, Daniela Dragomirescu, and Robert Plana
keywords: UWB-IR, wireless Sensor Network, localization, indoor

CQI Reporting Imperfections and their Consequences in LTE Networks
Kari Aho, Olli Alanen, and Jorma Kaikkonen
keywords: Link adaptation, BLER target

HyRA: A Software-defined Radio Architecture for Wireless Embedded Systems
Tiago Rogério Mück and Antônio Augusto Fröhlich
keywords: software-defined radio; embedded systems; FPGA

Sensors Deployment Strategies for Rescue Applications in Wireless Sensor etworks
Inès El Korbi, Leila Azouz Saidane, and Nesrine Ben Meriem
keywords: wireless sensor network; mobility; sensor nodes deployment strategies; rescue applications

UHF-RFID-Based Localization Using Spread-Spectrum Signals
Andreas Loeffler
keywords: Radiofrequency identification, Spread spectrum, Wideband, Communication channels.

An Error Reduction Algorithm for Position Estimation Systems Using Transmitted Directivity Information
Hiroyuki Hatano, Tomoharu Mizutani, and Yoshihiko Kuwahara
keywords: sensor network; position estimation; localization; radar network; directivity

A Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Scheme for Interactive Multimedia Applications over Cellular Networks
Kirti Keshav and Pallapa Venkataram
keywords: Cellular networks; interactive applications; dynamic bandwidth allocation

Distributed TDMA MAC Protocol with Source-Driven Combined Resource Allocation in Ad Hoc Networks
Myunghwan Seo, Hyungweon Cho, Jongho Park, Jihyoung Ahn, Bumkwi Choi, and Tae-Jin Lee
keywords: ad hoc networks, MAC protocol, TDMA, QoS

Loss Differentiation and Recovery in TCP over Wireless Wide-Area Networks
Detlef Bosau, Herwig Unger, Lada-On Lertsuwanakul, and Dominik Kaspar
keywords: TCP, loss differentiation, wireless networks, congestion control

By Use of Frequency Diversity and High Priority in Wireless Packet Retransmissions
Xiaoyan Liu and Huiling Zhu
keywords: Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA), real-time transmission, resource allocation, retransmission techniques, maximal ratio combining (MRC)

Kernel Monitor of Transport Layer Developed for Android Working on Mobile Phone Terminals
Kaori Miki, Masato Oguchi, and Saneyasu Yamaguchi
keywords: Android, Mobile Phone, Embedded system, Linux Kerne

Path Selection in WiMAX Networks with Mobile Relay Stations
Pavel Mach and Zdenek Becvar
keywords: CSI, mobile relays stations, path selection, WiMAX

Planning with Joint Clustering in Multi-hop Wireless Mesh and Sensor Networks
Yasir Drabu and Hassan Peyravi
keywords: wireless mesh network; clustering; wireless deployment; gateway placement

Anomaly Detection Framework for Tracing Problems in Radio Networks
Jussi Turkka, Tapani Ristaniemi, Gil David, and Amir Averbuch
keywords: radio network optimizatio; data mining; anomaly detection; self-organizing networks.

A New Path Failure Detection Method for Multi-homed Transport Layer Protocol
Sinda Boussen, Nabil Tabbane, Francine Krief, and Sami Tabbane
keywords: SCTP; multi-homing; RTO; path failure detection; WLAN.

A Mechanism for Semantic Web Services Discovery in Mobile Environments
Rafael Besen and Frank Siqueira
keywords: Semantic Web Services, Ontology, Mobile Devices, DPWS, WSMO, Ubiquitous Computing

Towards Efficient Energy Management: Defining HEMS, AMI and Smart Grid Objectives
Ana Rossello´ -Busquet, Georgios Kardaras, Jose Soler, and Lars Dittmann
keywords: Energy management, smart grid, AMI, HEMS

Experimental Assessment of Routing for Grid and Cloud
Douglas Balen, Carlos Westphall, and Carla Westphall
keywords: Grid and cloud computing; autonomic systems; routing; network management.

Scalability of Distributed Dynamic Load Balancing Mechanisms
Alcides Calsavara and Luiz Augusto Paula Lima Jr.
keywords: load balancing; scalability; distributed algorithm; autonomic systems

Moving to the Cloud: New Vision towards Collaborative Delivery for Open-IPTV
Emad Abd-Elrahman and Hossam Afifi
keywords: Collaborative Computing; Domestic Cloud; Open-IPTV

Half-Band FIR Filters for Signal Compression
Pavel Zahradnik, Boris Simak, and Miroslav Vlcek
keywords: FIR filter; half-band filter; equiripple approximation; wavelet compression;

Comb Filters for Communication Technology
Pavel Zahradnik, Boris Simak, and Miroslav Vlcek
keywords: comb filter; FIR filter; recursive algorithm; fast design; robustness;

Outage Performance Analysis of Alamouti STBC in Backward Link for Wireless Cooperative Networks
Wooju Lee, Dongweon Yoon, Zhengyuan Xu, Seounghun Jee, and Jaeyoon Lee
keywords: cooperative communication; decode-and-forward; selective relaying; space-time block coding; outage probability.

Exact Error Probabilities Analysis of Arbitrary 2-D Modulation-OFDM Systems with I/Q Imbalances in Frequency-Flat Rayleigh Fading Channel
Jaeyoon Lee, Dongweon Yoon, Kyongkuk Cho, and Wooju Lee
keywords: I/Q imbalance, Probability of error, Inter-channel interference.

Performance Issues in the Design of a VPN Resistant to Traffic Analysis
Claudio Ferretti, Alberto Leporati, and Riccardo Melen
keywords: Secure VPN; traffic analysis; hypercube; network performance

Layer Optimization for DHT-based Peer-to-Peer Network
Jun Li, Cuilian Li, Zhaoxi Fang, and Haoyun Wang
keywords: Peer-to-Peer; Layer Division; Distribiuted Hash Table (DHT)

Performance Evaluation of Split Connection Methods for Session-based Group-oriented Communications
Hiroshi Emina, Hiroyuki Koga, Masayoshi Shimamura, and Takeshi Ikenaga
keywords: group-oriented communication, session management, connection control, packet transmission control

Efficient Location-aware Replication Scheme for Reliable Group Communication Applications
Yuehua Wang, Zhong Zhou, Ling Liu, and Wei Wu
keywords: location; replication; reliable; flexible; group communication;

I2P Data Communication System
Bassam Zantout and Ramzi Haraty
keywords: I2P; Traffic Analysis; Data Integrity.

Experimental IPTV and IPv6 Extended Provisioning in a Virtual Testbed
Shuai Qu, Jonas Lindqvist, and Cluas Popp Larsen
keywords: Virtual Testbed, IPTV, IPv6, VPN

Analysis of the Implementation of Utility Functions to Define an Optimal Partition of a Multicast Group
Joel Penhoat, Karine Guillouard, Tayeb Lemlouma, and Mikael Salaun
keywords: Handover; Multicast group partition; Resource optimization; User's context; Utility function

A Survey on Robust Wireless JPEG 2000 Images and Video Transmission Systems
Max Agueh and Henoc Soude
keywords: Motion JPEG 2000; wireless network; video streaming; Reed-Solomon codes, Forward Error Correction

Analysis of Reliable and Scalable Video-On-Demand Networks
Nader Mir
keywords: Video On Demand; Interactive TV; Tele-conferencing; VoD Architecture

Usability Evaluation and Study of a Video-Conferencing Service Provided via the Virtual Conference Centre
Borka Jerman-Blazic and Tanja Arh
keywords: usability evaluation; task scenarios; videoconferencing system; collaborative environment

Multi-Episodic Dependability Assessments for Large-Scale Networks
Andrew Snow, Gary Weckman, and Andrew Yachuan-Chen
keywords: simulation, survivability, reliability, maintainability, wireless network infrastructure

Soft Errors Mask Analysis on Program Level
Lei Xiong, Qingping Tan, and Jianjun Xu
keywords: soft errors; error mask; fault tolerance; control flow; dynamically dead codes

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