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October 03, 2021 to October 07, 2021 - Barcelona, Spain

  • UBICOMM 2021, The Fifteenth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies
  • ADVCOMP 2021, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advanced Engineering Computing and Applications in Sciences
  • SEMAPRO 2021, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing
  • AMBIENT 2021, The Eleventh International Conference on Ambient Computing, Applications, Services and Technologies
  • EMERGING 2021, The Thirteenth International Conference on Emerging Networks and Systems Intelligence
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  • VALID 2021, The Thirteenth International Conference on Advances in System Testing and Validation Lifecycle
  • SIMUL 2021, The Thirteenth International Conference on Advances in System Simulation
  • SOTICS 2021, The Eleventh International Conference on Social Media Technologies, Communication, and Informatics
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November 14, 2021 to November 18, 2021 - Athens, Greece

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  • SENSORDEVICES 2021, The Twelfth International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications
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  • AFIN 2021, The Thirteenth International Conference on Advances in Future Internet
  • CENICS 2021, The Fourteenth International Conference on Advances in Circuits, Electronics and Micro-electronics
  • ICQNM 2021, The Fifteenth International Conference on Quantum, Nano/Bio, and Micro Technologies
  • FASSI 2021, The Seventh International Conference on Fundamentals and Advances in Software Systems Integration
  • GREEN 2021, The Sixth International Conference on Green Communications, Computing and Technologies

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ThinkMind // ICN 2015, The Fourteenth International Conference on Networks

Type: conference

Download: ICN 2015 cover page

Download: ICN 2015 foreword page

Download: ICN 2015 committee page

Download: ICN 2015 table of contents

Download: ICN 2015 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Carlos Becker Westphall, University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Eugen Borcoci, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

Event editions: - there are 11 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4413

ISBN: 978-1-61208-398-8

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Dates: from April 19, 2015 to April 24, 2015

Articles: there are 43 articles

Priority Levels in a HIPERLAN Based Forwarding Mechanism for Intermittent Connectivity
Constantine Coutras
keywords: Wireless Networks; Intermitent Connectivity; Forwarding Mechanism

Fine angle estimation using Weighted Average-ESPRIT for radar-based WSN
Sangdong Kim, Yeonghwan Ju, Daegun Oh, and Jonghun Lee
keywords: radar-based WSN, Monitoring system, Weighted-average scheme, ESPRIT

A Border-Oriented-Forward Routing Protocol for Large-Scale WSANs with Support to Actuator-Sensor-Actuator Communication
Luis Eduardo Lima, Juliana Garcia Cespedes, Mariá Cristina Vasconcelos Nascimento, and Valério Rosset
keywords: WSAN; Routing; Energy Efficiency; Reliability

A Study of the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Digital Television Antenna Radiation: A Simulation and Evaluation of Exposure
Diogo Seiji Ishimori, Ramz Luís Fraiha Lopes, Rita de Cássia Souza, Jasmine Araújo, Josiane Rodrigues, and Gervásio Cavalcante
keywords: electromagnetic compatibility; simulation; method of moments; antenna array

Analyzing the Optimum Switching Points for Adaptive FEC in Wireless Networks with Rayleigh Fading
Moise Bandiri and Jose Brito
keywords: adaptive FEC; performance analysis; optimum switching points.

Multicast Receiver Access Control in the Automatic Multicast Tunneling (AMT) Environment
Veera Nagasiva Tejeswi Malla and John William Atwood
keywords: Automatic Multicast Tunneling; Access Control; Unicast Network; Multicast Network

Benchmarking the Performance of XenDesktop Virtual DeskTop Infrastructure (VDI) Platform
Shie-Yuan Wang and Wen-Jhe Chang
keywords: EstiNet; VDI; VM

Worst Case Modeling of Aggregate Scheduling by Network Calculus
Ulrich Klehmet and Rüdiger Berndt
keywords: Worst-case Communication System Modeling; Network Calculus; Aggregate Scheduling; Strict-non-strict Service Curves; Backlogged Period

Extending Contemporary Network Modeling towards the Photonic Layer
Jan Kundrát and Stanislav Šíma
keywords: photonics; optical networking; network modeling; CAD.

A Peer to Peer Architecture Applied to Multiplayer Games
Felipe Rocha Wagner, Marcio Garcia Martins, and Arthur Tórgo Gómez
keywords: network; peer to peer; network address translator; transversal problem.

Performance Evaluation Methodology for Cloud Computing using Data Envelopment Analysis
Marcial Fernandez and Leonardo Souza
keywords: Cloud Computing; Performance evaluation; Methodology.

NDNGame: A NDN-based Architecture for Online Games
Diego Barros and Marcial Fernandez
keywords: Future Internet; Online game architecture; Named Data Network (NDN)

Revisiting Virtual Private Network Service at Carrier Networks: Taking Advantage of Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualisation
Luiz Cláudio Theodoro, Pedro Macedo Leite, Hélvio Pereira de Freitas, Adailson Carlos Souza Passos, João Henrique de Souza Pereira, Flávio de Oliveira Silva, Pedro Frosi Rosa, and Alexandre Cardoso
keywords: Software Defined Networking; Network Function Virtualisation; VPN; QoS; NAT

Assessing Soft- and Hardware Bottlenecks in PC-based Packet Forwarding Systems
Paul Emmerich, Daniel Raumer, Florian Wohlfart, and Georg Carle
keywords: Linux Router; Intel DPDK; Performance Evaluation; Measurement

Developing a Simulator Applied to Audio Coding Process MPEG-4 AAC
Mauricio Harrf, Marcio Garcia Martins, and Arthur Tórgo Gómez
keywords: compression; MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding; Metaheuristics.

Computational Clusters Efficient Parallel Data Transmission Paradigm
Mahdi Qasim Mohammed, Mohammed M. Azeez, Mustafa Aljshamee, Abbas Malekpour, and Peter Luksch
keywords: Message passing interface MIP,Stream control transmission protocol SCTP

MannaSim: A NS-2 Extension to Simulate Wireless Sensor Network
Rodolfo Miranda Pereira, Linnyer Beatrys Ruiz, and Maria Luisa Amarante Ghizoni
keywords: Wireless Sensor Network; Network Simulator (NS-2); Simulation Framework.

Comparative Analysis of the Algorithms for Pathfinding in GPS Systems
Dustin Ostrowski, Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, Leszek Koszalka, and Andrzej Kasprzak
keywords: GPS; search algorithms; experimentation system; path finding

A Study on GPS Positioning Method with Assistance of a Distance Sensor
Yasuhhiro Ikeda, Hiroyuki Hatano, Masahiro Fujii, Atsushi Ito, Yu Watanabe, Tomoya Kitani, Toru Aoki, and Hironobu Onishi
keywords: GPS; Positioning; Urban canyon; Lack of observable satellites

Characterization and Modelling of YouTube Traffic in Mobile Networks
Géza Horváth and Péter Fazekas
keywords: YouTube; video optimization; burstiness; traffic characterization; traffic model

Implementation Design of UPCON-based Traffic Control Functions working with vEPC
Megumi Shibuya, Atsuo Tachibana, and Teruyuki Hasegawa
keywords: UPCON; Congestion Control; vEPC; Traffic Control; DIAMETER

A Novel Protocol for Interference Mitigation in MIMO Femto Cell Environment
Zuhaib Ashfaq Khan, Muhammad Hasanain Chaudary, and Juinn-Horng Deng
keywords: Femto Cooperative (Fe-COPE); Interference mitigation; MIMO-Femto environment; Alamouti Coding.

Improving Attack Mitigation with a Cost-sensitive and Adaptive Intrusion Response System
Rodion Iafarov, Ruediger Gad, and Martin Kappes
keywords: Intrusion Response System; Risk Assessment; Impact Cost Assessment; Dynamic; Adaptive

Model for Cloud Computing Risk Analysis
Paulo Fernando Silva, Carlos Becker Westphall, Carla Merkle Westphall, and Mauro Marcelo Mattos
keywords: ISO 27005; cloud computing; risk analysis;

Classifying Anomalous Mobile Applications Based on Data Flows
Chia-Mei Chen, Gu-Hsin Lai, Yu-Hsuan Tsai, and Sheng-Tzong Cheng
keywords: mobile security; malware detection; static analysis.

Lightbulb: A Toolkit for Analysis of Security Policy Interactions
Derrick Kong, David Mandelberg, Andrei Lapets, Ronald Watro, Daniel Smith, and Matthew Runkle
keywords: cyber security; security policy; network security policy; access control; logic programming; formal verification

Multi-channel Secure Interconnection Design for Hybrid Clouds
Mauro Storch, César De Rose, Avelino Zorzo, and Régio Michelin
keywords: Hybird Cloud Computing; Communication Security; Distributed Systems; Network Communications; Communication Performance; Quality of Services.

A Generalized Approach to Predict the Availability of IPTV Services in Vehicular Networks Using an Analytical Model
Bernd E. Wolfinger, Edgar E. Báez, and Nico R. Wilzek
keywords: Vehicular networks; IPTV; QoE; service availability; analytical model; validation.

Prediction Metrics for QoE/QoS in Wireless Video Networks for Indoor Environmental Planning: a Bayesian Approach
Andre Augusto Pacheco de Carvalho, João Victor Costa Carmona, Jasmine Priscyla Leite de Araujo, Simone da Graça de Castro Fraiha, Hermínio Simões Gomes, and Gervásio Protásio dos Santos Cavalcante
keywords: QoE, QoS, measurements, simulation, Bayesian networks, wireless networks.

Non-Invasive Estimation of Cloud Applications Performance via Hypervisor's Operating Systems Counters
Fábio Rossi, Israel de Oliveira, César De Rose, Rodrigo Calheiros, and Rajkumar Buyya
keywords: Cloud Computing; IaaS; QoE; Response time; SLA.

Control Plane Routing Protocol for the Entity Title Architecture
Natal Vieira de Souza Neto, João Henrique de Souza Pereira, Flavio de Oliveira Silva, and Pedro Frosi Rosa
keywords: Software Defined Networking; Routing; Protocol Specification.

Toll Fraud Detection in Voice over IP Networks Using Communication Behavior Patterns on Unlabeled Data
Sandra Kübler, Michael Massoth, Anton Wiens, and Torsten Wiens
keywords: Fraud detection; Voice over IP networks; behavior pattern recognition; unlabeled data; FRITZ!Box.

ACROSS-FI: Attribute-Based Access Control with Distributed Policies for Future Internet Testbeds
Edelberto Franco Silva, Natalia Castro Fernandes, and Debora Muchaluat-Saade
keywords: future internet; authorization; authentication; attribute-based access control.

IVHM System Integration Network Performance Analysis using different Middleware Technologies and Network Structure
Rajkumar Choudhary, Suresh Perinpanayagam, and Eugene Butans
keywords: Distributed systems; IVHM; systems integration; architecture; OSA-CBM; middleware

A Lightweight Approach to Manifesting Responsible Parties for TCP Packet Loss
Guang Cheng, Yongning Tang, and Tibor Gyires
keywords: responsibility, performance diagnosis

Decision-theoretic Model to Support Autonomic Cloud Computing
Alexandre Augusto Flores, Rafael de Souza Mendes, Gabriel Beims Bräscher, Carlos Becker Westphall, and Maria Elena Villareal
keywords: cloud computing; autonomic computing; decision-theoretic planning; cloud model

Design and Implementation of IoT Sensor Network Architecture with the Concept of Differential Security Level
Jaekeun Lee, Daebeom Jeong, Ji-Seok Han, Seongman Jang, Sanghoon Lee, Keonhee Cho, and Sehyun Park
keywords: environmental monitoring; IoT sensor network; ZigBee communication; network reliability; differential security level

A Flexible Self-Aligning Communication Solution for Multinational Large Scale Disaster Operations
Peter Dorfinger, Ferdinand von Tüllenburg, Georg Panholzer, and Thomas Pfeiffenberger
keywords: Emergency network; self-alignment; interoperability; communication; wireless coverage simulation

Interference-Aware Routing Supporting CARMNET System Operation in Large-Scale Wireless Networks
Maciej Urbański, Przemyslaw Walkowiak, and Pawel Misiorek
keywords: mesh/multi-hop networks; interference-aware routing; large-scale wireless experimentation

Comparisons of SDN OpenFlow Controllers over EstiNet: Ryu vs. NOX
Shie-Yuan Wang, Hung-Wei Chiu, and Chih-Liang Chou
keywords: SDN; OpenFlow; Network Simulator

Network Partitioning Problem to Reduce Shared Information in OpenFlow Networks with Multiple Controllers
Hidenobu Aoki, Junichi Nagano, and Norihiko Shinomiya
keywords: Software-Defined Networking; OpenFlow; multiple controllers; layered control plane; graph clustering.

State-of-the-art Energy Efficiency Approaches in Software Defined Networking
Beakal Gizachew Assefa and Oznur Ozkasap
keywords: Software defined networking, SDN, Energy efficiency

On Multi-controller Placement Optimization in Software Defined Networking -based WANs
Eugen Borcoci, Radu Badea, Serban Georgica Obreja, and Marius Vochin
keywords: Software Defined Networking; Distributed Control Plane; Controller placement; Reliability; Multi-criteria optimizations

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