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ThinkMind // ICNS 2011, The Seventh International Conference on Networking and Services

Type: conference

Download: ICNS 2011 cover page

Download: ICNS 2011 foreword page

Download: ICNS 2011 committee page

Download: ICNS 2011 table of contents

Download: ICNS 2011 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Jaime Lloret Mauri, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
Steffen Fries, Siemens, Germany
Mary Luz Mouronte López, Ericsson, Spain
Ron J. Kovac, Ball State University, USA

Event editions: - there are 11 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4006

ISBN: 978-1-61208-133-5

Location: Venice/Mestre, Italy

Dates: from May 22, 2011 to May 27, 2011

Articles: there are 59 articles

Comparative Analysis and Tests of Intelligent Streaming Video on Demand for Next Generation Networks: Two Colombian Study Cases
Juan Zabala, Margarita Diaz, Elvis Gaona, and Harold Chamorro
keywords: Intelligent Streaming, Video on Demand, Next Generation Networks, TCP and UDP, Network Efficiency

A Workflow Platform for Simulation on Grids
Toan Nguyen, Laurentiu Trifan, and Jean-Antoine desideri
keywords: workflows; fault-tolerance; resilience; simulation; distributed systems; high-performance computing

Preemptive Channel Allocations for Cellular Networks with Multiple Sectors
Chia-Nan Lin and Tsang-Ling Sheu
keywords: Preemptive channel allocations; multiple sectors; cellular networks; blocking probability; Markov chains;

Ubiquitous Home-Based Services
Jean-Charles Grégoire
keywords: SIP; SDP; MSRP; Home monitoring; Home Services.

Improvement of Job Scheduling for Automatic Chain Processing in Radio Occultation Context
Lorenzo Mossucca, Olivier Terzo, Manuela Cucca, and Riccardo Notarpietro
keywords: radio occultation; grid computing; local scheduler; global scheduler; job scheduling.

IEEE 802.11n MAC Mechanisms for High Throughput: a Performance Evaluation
Miguel A García, M. Angeles Santos, and José Villalón
keywords: IEEE 802.11n; aggregation; block ACK; reverse direction

GeoWiFi: A Geopositioning System Based on WiFi Networks
Jaime Lloret, Jesus Tomas, Alejandro Canovas, and Irene Bellver
keywords: Geopositioning; WiFi location; Wifi placement; WiFi tracking.

Estimation of Packet Loss Probability from Traffic Parameters for Multimedia over IP
Ahmad vakili and Jean-Charles Gregoire
keywords: Packet loss probability; estimation; stochastic traffic process.

Recent Trends in TCP Packet-Level Characteristics
Per Hurtig, Wolfgang John, and Anna Brunstrom
keywords: traffic measurement; TCP; reordering

Weighted Fair Resource Sharing Without Queuing Delay
Benedek Kovács
keywords: Network management, Service level agreement, Overload control, Traffic shaping, Fair sharing, Maximal throughput

From IPv4 to IPv6 – Data Security in the Transition Phase
Tomasz Bilski
keywords: IPv4; IPv6; Internet security

An Optimized Port Allocation Mechanism in the Context of A+P for Public IPv4 Address Sharing
Xiaohong Deng, Lan Wang, and Daqing Gu
keywords: IPv6 migration; Dual-stack Lite; A+P; Port randomization.

Analysis of Security Vulnerability in Cooperative Communication Networks
Ki Hong Kim
keywords: CoopMAC, Cooperative Communication, Security Vulnerability, Authentication

Analysis on IPv6 Transition Solutions and Service Tests
Xiaohong Deng, Lan Wang, Tao Zheng, Daqing Gu, and Eric Burgey
keywords: IPv6 migration; Dual-stack Lite; NAT64/DNS64; AplusP.

An Encryption Scheme for Color Images Based on Chaotic Maps and Genetic Operators
El-Sayed El-Alfy and Khaled Al-Utaibi
keywords: image encryption; chaotic maps; genetic operator; information hiding; data security.

The Impact of Corporate Culture in Security Policies – A Methodology
Edmo Lopes Filho Lopes Filho, Joao Henrique Pereira de Souza Souza, Albene Teixeira Chaves Chaves, Gilberto Tadayoshi Hashimoto Hashimoto, and Pedro Frosi Rosa Rosa
keywords: security policy; awareness; culture, congruence model

Future Architectures for Public Warning Systems
Michelle Wetterwald, Christian Bonnet, Daniel Camara, Sebastien Grazzini, Jérome Fenwick, Xavier Ladjointe, and Jean-Louis Fondere
keywords: tsunamis; alerting; public warning systems; broadcasting networks

Virtual Use Method of CGI by DACS Web Service Based on the Next Generation PBNM Scheme Called DACS Scheme
Kazuya Odagiri, Syogo Shimizu, and Naohiro Ishii
keywords: CGI; DACS Scheme; PBNM; destination NAT; packet filtering

Routing optimization in the transmission network
Mary Luz Mouronte, María Luisa Vargas, and Paloma Martínez
keywords: ; route lookup optimization; SDH, WDM; transmission network features; transmission network elements; boundary conditions

One Approach to Improve Bandwidth Allocation Fairness in IP/MPLS Networks Using Adaptive Treatment of the Traffic Demands
Tarik Čaršimamović, Enio Kaljić, and Mesud Hadžialić
keywords: Adaptation layer; algorithm; bandwidth allocation; blocking frequency; dynamic adaptation structure; development methodology; fairness; LSP; mpls; NGN; proportional-priority coefficient; RSVP

Network Interface Grouping in the Linux Kernel
Vlad Dogaru, Octavian Purdila, and Nicolae Țăpuș
keywords: Linux, kernel, network, device, scalability, grouping, iproute2

Unified Language for Network Security Policy Implementation
Natalia Miloslavskaya and Dmitry Chernyavskiy
keywords: Network Security Policy, Network Security Appliances, Formal Language, Syntax, Grammar, Translator

Network Security Threats and Cloud Infrastructure Services Monitoring
Murat Mukhtarov, Natalia Miloslavskaya, and Alexandr Tolstoy
keywords: Cloud computing, Infrastructure as a Service, Virtual Infrastructure, Application Hosting, Network Security

Adaptive Scheduling Scheme for Multicast Service in Multiuser OFDM System
Lee JooHyung, Lee JongMin, Choi SeongGon, and Choi JunKyun
keywords: Multicast, MCS efficiency, OFDM, Scheduling.

Provisioning Service Differentiation for Virtualized Network Devices
Suk Kyu Lee, Hwangnam Kim, Jun-gyu Ahn, Kwang Jae Sung, and Jinwoo Park
keywords: Network Virtualization, Scheduling Policy, Virtual Box, Virtual Machine

The Effects of Cell Size on Total Power Consumption, Handover, User Density of a Base Station, and Outage Probability
Youngmi Lim, Joo Hyung Lee, and Jun Kyun Choi
keywords: cell size, base station power consumption, handover, user population density, outage probability

Mobile QoS provisioning by Flow Control Management in Proxy Mobile IPv6
Taihyong Yim, Tri M. Nguyen, Youngjun Kim, and Jinwoo Park
keywords: Mobility; PMIP; Flow-based traffic management; Admission Control

Resource-Efficient Class-based Flow Mobility Support in PMIPv6 domain
Jiwon Jang, Seil Jeon, Younghan Kim, and Jinwoo Park
keywords: Proxy Mobile IPv6; PMIPv6; flow mobility; class-based flow mobility

User to User adaptive routing based on QoE
Hai Anh Tran, Abdelhamid Mellouk, and Said Hoceini
keywords: Quality of Service (QoS), Quality of Experience (QoE), Network Services, Routing System, Autonomous System, Pseudo Subjective Quality Assessment (PSQA), Reinforcement Learning

A hierarchical Wireless Network Architecture for Building Automation and Control Systems
Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman Mozumdar, Alberto Puggelli, Alessandro Pinto, Luciano Lavagno, and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli
keywords: Sensor Networks, Building Automation Systems, Implementation

An Efficient Scheduling Algorithm for Multiple MSSs in IEEE 802.16e Network
Wen-Hwa Liao, Chen Liu, and Sital Prasad Kedia
keywords: IEEE 802.16e; scheduling; WiMAX; wireless.

Data Gathering System for Watering and Gas Pipelines Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Radosveta Sokullu, Mustafa Alper Akkas, and Fahrettin Demirel
keywords: wireless sensor networks; remote monitoring;nesC; TinyOS; water pipeline; TelosB; pressure sensor.

Design of a Control Algorithm for a 2x3 Optical Switch
Fakher Eldin M. Suliman and Samia K. Hassan
keywords: photonic switch; multistage network; wide-sense nonblocking; control algorithm

Energy-efficient Optimizations of the Authentication and Anti-replay Security Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Laura Gheorghe, Răzvan Rughiniș, and Nicolae Țăpuș
keywords: wireless sensor networks, security, authentication, anti-replay, integrity, reliability, energy-efficiency

Stateful or Stateless Flooding Attack Detection?
Martine Bellaïche and Jean-Charles Grégoire
keywords: Denial of Service; SYN Flooding; TCP Handshake; Network Security.

Investigation of Visible Light Communication Transceiver Performance for Short-Range Wireless Data Interfaces
Hongseok Shin, Sungbum Park, Kyungwoo Lee, Daekwang Jung, Youngmin Lee, Seoksu Song, and Jinwoo Park
keywords: Visible light Communication; Free-space optical communications; optical wireless

Design and Implementation of a BitTorrent Tracker Overlay for Swarm Unification
Calin-Andrei Burloiu, Razvan Deaconescu, and Nicolae Tapus
keywords: Peer-to-Peer, BitTorrent, tracker, unification, TSUP, swarm

Dependable Routing Protocol Considering the k-Coverage Problem forWireless Sensor Networks
Hamza Drid, Laszlo Gonczy, Samer Lahoud, Gabor Bergmann, and Miklos Molnar
keywords: Fault tolerance; Sensor Networks; k-coverage; Routing; Protection;

Practising Problem Solving Using Mobile Technologies
Richard Seaton
keywords: Mobile technologies; learning; problem solving.

An Integrated TDMA-Based MAC and Routing Solution for Airborne Backbone Networks Using Directional Antennas
Yamin Al-Mousa, William Huba, and Nirmala Shenoy
keywords: Airborne Backbone Network, Cluster formation, TDMA, Routing, MAC, Directional Antennas

Right-time Path Switching Method for Proxy Mobile IPv6 Route Optimization
Yujin Noishiki, Yoshinori Kitatsuji, and Hidetoshi Yokota
keywords: Proxy Mobile IPv6; Route Optimization; Path Switch Optimization

A Novel Key Management Protocol in Body Area Networks
Jian Shen, Sangman Moh, and Ilyong Chung
keywords: Body Area Networks (BANs); security; privacy; sensor association; key management;

Towards Knowledge-driven QoE Optimization in Home Gateways
Bjørn J. Villa and Poul E. Heegaard
keywords: QoE, Home Gateway, Adaptive Services

Efficient Mobile IP Location Update Mechanism for Idle Terminals in Optical Wireless Integrated Access Networks
S.H. Shah Newaz, Raja Usman Akbar, Youngmi Lim, Gyu Myoung Lee, Noel Crespi, and JunKyun Choi
keywords: Mobile IP; Energy saving; Converged; Passive Optical Networks; Location Update

Versatile Configuration and Deployment of Realistic Peer-to-Peer Scenarios
George Milescu, Răzvan Deaconescu, and Nicolae Țăpuș
keywords: Peer-to-Peer, BitTorrent, infrastructure, automation

Deploying a High-Performance Context-Aware Peer Classification Engine
Mircea Bardac, George Milescu, and Adina Magda Florea
keywords: classification; BitTorrent context-awareness; peer-to-peer

Parallel Measurement Method of System Information for 3GPP LTE Femtocell
Choong-Hee Lee and Jae-Hyun Kim
keywords: LTE; Femtocell; System Information Measurement

A Performance Study of Conventional and Bare PC Webmail Servers
Patrick Appiah-Kubi, Ramesh Karne, and Alexander Wijesinha
keywords: Operating Systems; Bare Machine Computing; Webmail servers; Performance; Email

Performance of Soft Reservation-based Soft Frequency Reuse Scheme for Cellular OFDMA Systems
Hye-Joong Kang, Jin W. Park, and Chung G. Kang
keywords: inter-cell interference coordination; soft fractional reuse; soft reservation; multi-user diversity; OFDMA

A Distributed Cooperative Trust Based Intrusion Detection Framework for MANETs
Sureyya Mutly and Guray Yilmaz
keywords: Mobile Ad Hoc Networks; Trust Management; Intrusion Detection Systems

Packet Tracer as an Educational Serious Gaming Platform
Ammar Musheer, Oleg Sotnikov, and Shahram Shah Heydari
keywords: Packet Tracer; Serious Gaming; Multiuser; Collaborative; Cisco Networking Academy; Emerging Teaching Methods; Simulation; Online Teaching

Classroom-based Multi-player Network Simulation
Andrew Smith
keywords: packet tracer; practice based; collaborative; Cisco; virtual labs; Networking Academy; CCNA; Supported Open Learning; gaming;

Low-Cost Pre-Evaluation of New Educational Programs
Bowen Hui, Bruce Hardy, Yvonne Pratt, and Rob Kershaw
keywords: decision theory, ICT skills

Solutions for virtual laboratory
Peter Feciľak, Katarína Kleinová, and František Jakab
keywords: virtual laboratory, Q-in-Q tunneling, AToM, Knowledge evaluation

Enhancing Cisco NetAcad Student Learning Experience with an Integrated Learning Platform
Mihai Logofatu and Cristian Logofatu
keywords: learning platform; productivity; student experience; management; retention; online; satisfaction.

Building Interactive Multi-User In-Class Learning Modules For Computer Networking
Oleg Sotnikov, Ammar Musheer, and Shahram Shah Heydari
keywords: blended learning; packet tracer; multiuser; simulation; teaching; ccna; cisco; networking;Cisco academy;

Network Simulation and Remote Laboratory Systems for students with Vision Impairment
Iain Murray and Alan Ng
keywords: Remote laborartories, network simulaltion, Assistive technology, blind, vision impairment

An Evaluation of Blended Learning Components of the Cisco Network Academy Using a Rasch Model
Kevin Sealey
keywords: curriculum evaluation; blended learning; Rasch model, student

THe effectiveness of Blended Distance Learning: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis within ICT Learning
Ron Kovac and Kristen DiCerbo
keywords: Blended distance learning; e-learning; teacher training

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