DataSys 2023 Congress
June 26, 2023 to June 30, 2023 - Nice, Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France

  • AICT 2023, The Nineteenth Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications
  • ICIW 2023, The Eighteenth International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services
  • ICIMP 2023, The Eighteenth International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection
  • SMART 2023, The Twelfth International Conference on Smart Cities, Systems, Devices and Technologies
  • IMMM 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Advances in Information Mining and Management
  • INFOCOMP 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Advanced Communications and Computation
  • MOBILITY 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Mobile Services, Resources, and Users
  • SPWID 2023, The Ninth International Conference on Smart Portable, Wearable, Implantable and Disability-oriented Devices and Systems
  • ACCSE 2023, The Eighth International Conference on Advances in Computation, Communications and Services

ComputationWorld 2023 Congress
June 26, 2023 to June 30, 2023 - Nice, Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France

  • SERVICE COMPUTATION 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advanced Service Computing
  • CLOUD COMPUTING 2023, The Fourteenth International Conference on Cloud Computing, GRIDs, and Virtualization
  • FUTURE COMPUTING 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Future Computational Technologies and Applications
  • COGNITIVE 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications
  • ADAPTIVE 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Adaptive and Self-Adaptive Systems and Applications
  • CONTENT 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Creative Content Technologies
  • PATTERNS 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Pervasive Patterns and Applications
  • COMPUTATION TOOLS 2023, The Fourteenth International Conference on Computational Logics, Algebras, Programming, Tools, and Benchmarking
  • BUSTECH 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Business Intelligence and Technology

NetWare 2023 Congress
September 25, 2023 to September 29, 2023 - Porto, Portugal

  • SENSORCOMM 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications
  • SENSORDEVICES 2023, The Fourteenth International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications
  • SECURWARE 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies
  • AFIN 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advances in Future Internet
  • CENICS 2023, The Sixteenth International Conference on Advances in Circuits, Electronics and Micro-electronics
  • ICQNM 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Quantum, Nano/Bio, and Micro Technologies
  • FASSI 2023, The Ninth International Conference on Fundamentals and Advances in Software Systems Integration
  • GREEN 2023, The Eighth International Conference on Green Communications, Computing and Technologies

NexTech 2023 Congress
September 25, 2023 to September 29, 2023 - Porto, Portugal

  • UBICOMM 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies
  • ADVCOMP 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Advanced Engineering Computing and Applications in Sciences
  • SEMAPRO 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing
  • AMBIENT 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Ambient Computing, Applications, Services and Technologies
  • EMERGING 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Emerging Networks and Systems Intelligence
  • DATA ANALYTICS 2023, The Twelfth International Conference on Data Analytics
  • GLOBAL HEALTH 2023, The Twelfth International Conference on Global Health Challenges
  • CYBER 2023, The Eighth International Conference on Cyber-Technologies and Cyber-Systems

TrendNews 2023 Congress
September 25, 2023 to September 29, 2023 - Porto, Portugal

  • CORETA 2023, Advances on Core Technologies and Applications
  • DIGITAL 2023, Advances on Societal Digital Transformation

SocSys 2023 Congress
November 13, 2023 to November 17, 2023 - Valencia, Spain

SoftNet 2023 Congress
November 13, 2023 to November 17, 2023 - Valencia, Spain

  • ICSEA 2023, The Eighteenth International Conference on Software Engineering Advances
  • ICSNC 2023, The Eighteenth International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications
  • CENTRIC 2023, The Sixteenth International Conference on Advances in Human-oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies, and Services
  • VALID 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advances in System Testing and Validation Lifecycle
  • SIMUL 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advances in System Simulation
  • SOTICS 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Social Media Technologies, Communication, and Informatics
  • INNOV 2023, The Twelfth International Conference on Communications, Computation, Networks and Technologies
  • HEALTHINFO 2023, The Eighth International Conference on Informatics and Assistive Technologies for Health-Care, Medical Support and Wellbeing

IARIA Congress 2023, The 2023 IARIA Annual Congress on Frontiers in Science, Technology, Services, and Applications
November 13, 2023 to November 17, 2023 - Valencia, Spain



ThinkMind // ICSEA 2015, The Tenth International Conference on Software Engineering Advances

Type: conference

Download: ICSEA 2015 cover page

Download: ICSEA 2015 foreword page

Download: ICSEA 2015 committee page

Download: ICSEA 2015 table of contents

Download: ICSEA 2015 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Roy Oberhauser, Aalen University, Germany
Luigi Lavazza, Università dell'Insubria - Varese, Italy
Herwig Mannaert, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Stephen Clyde, Utah State University, USA

Event editions: - there are 13 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4235

ISBN: 978-1-61208-438-1

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Dates: from November 15, 2015 to November 20, 2015

Articles: there are 76 articles

Patterns for Specifying Bidirectional Transformations in UML-RSDS
Sobhan Yassipour-Tehrani, Shekoufeh Kolahdouz-Rahimi, and Kevin Lano
keywords: Bidirectional transformations; transformation design patterns; UML-RSDS

Towards a Framework for Software Product Maturity Measurement
Mohammad Alshayeb, Ahmad Abdellatif, Sami Zahran, and Mahmood Niazi
keywords: Product Quality; Software Product Maturity; Product Maturity Assessment; Product Maturity Levels; Product Maturity Model Integration (PMMI); Product Maturity Assessment Method (PMAM).

An Exploratory Study on the Influence of Developers in Code Smell Introduction
Leandro Alves, Ricardo Choren, and Eduardo Alves
keywords: Code smells; exploratory study; software development and maintenance; development teams

The Object Oriented Petri Net Component Model
Radek Kočí and Vladimír Janoušek
keywords: Object Oriented Petri Nets; DEVS; component platform; interface consistency

“Free” Innovation Environments: Lessons learned from the Software Factory Initiatives
Davide Taibi, Valentina Lenarduzzi, Muhammad Ovais Ahmad, Kari Liukkunen, Ilaria Lunesu, Martina Matta, Fabian Fagerholm, Jürgen Münch, Sami Pietinen, Markku Tukiainen, Carlos Fernández-Sánchez, Juan Garbajosa, and Kari Systä
keywords: Software Factory; Experience Report

Performance Exploring Using Model Checking A Case Study of Hard Disk Drive Cache Function
Takehiko Nagano, Kazuyoshi Serizawa, Nobukazu Yoshioka, Yasuyuki Tahara, and Akihiko Ohsuga
keywords: performance; model checking; embedded system.

Towards a Better Understanding of Static Code Attributes for Defect Prediction
Muhammed Maruf Öztürk and Ahmet Zengin
keywords: Defect prediction; Low level metrics; Metric derivation

Communication and Coordination Challenges Mitigation in Offshore Software Development Outsourcing Relationships: Findings from Systematic Literature Review
Rafiq Ahmad Khan, Siffat Ullah Khan, and Mahmood Niazi
keywords: Global Software Development; Software Outsourcing; Communication and Coordination challenges and its Solutions/Practices; SLR

Adapting Heterogeneous ADLs for Software Architecture Reconstruction Tools
Dung Le, Ana Nicolaescu, and Horst Lichter
keywords: Software Architecture; Architecture Reconstruction; Model-To-Model Transformation; Architecture Description Language; Unified Modeling Language.

Verifying and Constructing Abstract TLA Specifications: Application to the Verification of C programs
Amira Methni, Matthieu Lemerre, Belgacem Ben Hedia, Serge Haddad, and Kamel Barkaoui
keywords: Temporal Logic of Actions; formal specification; model-checking; C programs; refinement mapping

Revisiting The Package-level Cohesion Approaches
Waleed Albattah and Suliman Alsuhibany
keywords: Cohesion; package; metric; measurement; software

Towards a Technical Debt Management Framework based on Cost-Benefit Analysis
Muhammad Firdaus Bin Harun and Horst Lichter
keywords: technical debt management; code smells; architecture smells; refactoring; cost-benefit analysis

Design and Implementation of Business Logic Layer Object-Oriented Design versus Relational Design
Ali Alharthy
keywords: object-oriented design; relational design; requirement changes; maintenance

Pymoult : On-Line Updates for Python Programs
Sébastien Martinez, Fabien Dagnat, and Jérémy Buisson
keywords: On-line updates Python Software maintenance

Aiming Towards Modernization: Visualization to Assist Structural Understanding of Oracle Forms Applications
Kelly Garces, Edgar Sandoval, Rubby Casallas, Camilo Alvarez, Alejandro Salamanca, Sandra Pinto, and Fabian Melo
keywords: program comprehension; reverse engineering; tools; clustering algorithms; model-driven engineering; graphical editors

Effects of Recency and Commits Aggregation on Change Guide Method Based on Change History Analysis
Tatsuya Mori, Anders Hagward, and Takashi Kobayashi
keywords: change guide, software repository mining, commit history, software maintenance

Towards Flexible Business Software
Ahmed Elfatatry
keywords: Flexibility; Document Oriented Systems; presentation layer

EBGSD: Emergence-Based Generative Software Development
Mahdi Mostafazadeh, Mohammad Reza Besharati, and Raman Ramsin
keywords: generative software development; phenomenon; emergence; conceptual model

A GPU-aware Component Model Extension for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems
Gabriel Campeanu, Jan Carlson, and Severine Sentilles
keywords: Embedded Systems; Component-based Development; Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Systems; GPU Component Model

Soft System Stakeholder Analysis Methodology
Markus Kelanti, Jarkko Hyysalo, Jari Lehto, Samuli Saukkonen, Markku Oivo, and Pasi Kuvaja
keywords: Software Intensive Systems; Stakeholder; Stakeholder Analysis; Action Research

Publish/Subscribe Cloud Middleware for Real-Time Disease Surveillance
Silvino Neto, Márcia Valéria, Plínio Manoel, and Felipe Ferraz
keywords: middleware; google cloud pub/sub; google cloud platform; FHIR

Requirement’s Variability in Model Generation from a Standard Document in Natural Language
Juliana Greghi, Eliane Martins, and Ariadne Carvalho
keywords: requirements modeling; variability management; aerospace domain.

An Approach to Compare UML Class Diagrams Based on Semantical Features of Their Elements
Oksana Nikiforova, Konstantins Gusarovs, Ludmila Kozacenko, Dace Ahilcenoka, and Dainis Ungurs
keywords: semi-automatic diagram comparison; conformity verification; UML class diagram

Model-Based Evaluation and Simulation of Software Architecture Evolution
Peter Alexander, Ana Nicolaescu, and Horst Lichter
keywords: Software Architecture Reconstruction; Software Architecture Evaluation; Software Architecture Simulation; Software Architecture Viewpoint; Software Architecture

Towards Time-triggered Component-based System Models
Hela Guesmi, Belgacem Ben Hedia, Simon Bliudze, Saddek Bensalem, and Jacques Combaz
keywords: Time-Triggered paradigm, correct-by-construction, component-based design, model transformation, BIP framework

A User-App Interaction Reference Model for Mobility Requirements Analysis
Xiaozhou Li and Zheying Zhang
keywords: Mobility; Mobile application; Requirements; Context; Situational Context; Interaction;

Design and Implementation of a Tool to Collect Data of a Smart City Through the TV
Glaydstone Teixeira and Felipe Ferraz
keywords: mini-pc; middleware; crowdsensing

Comparison of Educational Project Management Tools
Rafael Gonçalves and Christiane Wangenheim
keywords: Project Management; Project Management Tool; PMBOK; Teaching; Education; Open-source.

Model-Driven Engineering of Software Solutions for QoS Management in Real-Time DBMS
Salwa M'barek, Leila Baccouche, and Henda Ben Ghezala
keywords: Model Driven Engineering; QoS management; Real-Time DBMS; model transformations; reuse.

An Approach for Reusing Software Process Elements based on Reusable Asset Specification: a Software Product Line Case Study
Karen D. R. Pacini and Rosana T. V. Braga
keywords: Software Process; Process Reuse; Software Product Line; RAS; Reusable Asset Specification.

An Extensible Platform for the Treatment of Heterogeneous Data in Smart Cities
Cícero A. Silva and Gibeon S. A. Júnior
keywords: Smart Cities; Software Architecture; Extensibility

Improving the Application of Agile Model-based Development: Experiences from Case Studies
Kevin Lano, Hessa Alfraihi, Sobhan Yassipour-Tehrani, and Howard Haughton
keywords: Model-based development (MBD); Model-driven development (MDD); Agile development

Metrics Framework for Cycle-Time Reduction in Software Value Creation - Adapting Lean Startup for Established SaaS Feature Developers
Pasi Tyrväinen, Matti Saarikallio, Timo Aho, Timo Lehtonen, and Rauno Paukkeri
keywords: cycle-time; agile; software engineering process; lean startup; feedback; SaaS

A Context-Driven Approach for Guiding Agile Adoption: The AMQuICk Framework
Hajer Ayed, Benoît Vanderose, and Naji Habra
keywords: agile software development; software process customization; agile context; agile practice selection.%

Kanban in Industrial Engineering and Software Engineering: A Systematic Literature Review
Muhammad Ovais Ahmad, Jouni Markkula, Markku Oivo, and Bolaji Adeyemi
keywords: Kanban; software development; systematic literature review; lean, agile, Kanban variants

Efficient ETL+Q for Automatic Scalability in Big or Small Data Scenarios
Pedro Martins, Maryam Abbasi, and Pedro Furtado
keywords: Algorithms; architecture; Scalability; ETL; freshness; high-rate; performance; scale; parallel processing

The Role of People and Sensors in the Development of Smart Cities: A Systematic Literature Review
Italberto Figueira Dantas and Felipe Silva Ferraz
keywords: Smart City, Sensors, IoT, People Open Innovation

A Knowledge Base for Electric Vehicles in Inner-City Logistics
Volkmar Schau, Johannes Kretzschmar, Thomas Prinz, and Paul Hempel
keywords: logistics, knowledge base, electric vehicles

Building a Service Manager For a Smart City Archicture
Gutemberg Cavalcante, Felipe Ferraz, and Guilherme Medeiros
keywords: security; smart city; architecture; services

Intersection of MPS.BR-E and SPICE Models Focused on Projects for the Automotive Industry
Vanessa Matias Leite, Jandira Guenka Palma, and Emmanuel da C. Gallo
keywords: Automotive SPICE; MPS.BR; Software Quality

Quality-Based Score-level Fusion for Secure and Robust Multimodal Biometrics-based Authentication on Consumer Mobile Devices
Mikhail Gofman, Sinjini Mitra, Kevin Cheng, and Nicholas Smith
keywords: Multimodal biometrics; quality; score-level fusion; mobile

An Approach for Sensor Placement to Achieve Complete Coverage and Connectivity in Sensor Networks
Monia Techini, Ridha Ejbali, and Mourad Zaied
keywords: Placement; Random; WSN; Coverage; Connectivity

Dynamic Symbolic Execution using Eclipse CDT
Andreas Ibing
keywords: Testing; Program analysis; Symbolic execution.

Evaluating the Usability of Mobile Instant Messaging Apps on iOS Devices
Sergio Caro-Alvaro, Antonio Garcia-Cabot, Eva Garcia-Lopez, Luis de-Marcos, and Jose-Javier Martinez-Herráiz
keywords: Instant messaging; mobile usability; keystroke level modeling; mobile heuristic evaluation

Multi-Criteria Test Case Prioritization Using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
Sahar Tahvili, Mehrdad Saadatmand, and Markus Bohlin
keywords: Software testing, Test case prioritization, MCDM, Fuzzy AHP, NFR, Fault detection

Analysis of Optimization Requirement of Mobile Application Testing Procedure
Manish Kumar, Kapil Kant Kamal, Bharat Varyani, and Meghana Kale
keywords: Mobile Application Testing; Optimization; Graphic User Interface ( GUI ); SQLite

Property Based Verification of Evolving Petri Nets
Yasir Imtiaz Khan and Ehab Al-Shaer
keywords: Software evolution, Re-verification, Model checking, Iterative refinements, Slicing

Dynamic Evolution of Source Code Topics
Khaled Almustafa and Mamdouh Alenezi
keywords: Open source; Source code; LDA; Topic Extraction; Software Evolution.

Model Transformation Applications from Requirements Engineering Perspective
Sobhan Yassipour Tehrani and Kevin Lano
keywords: model transformations; requirements engineering; requirements engineering framework.

Analyzing the Evolvability of Modular Structures: a Longitudinal Normalized Systems Case Study
Philip Huysmans, Peter De Bruyn, Gilles Oorts, Jan Verelst, Dirk van der Linden, and Herwig Mannaert
keywords: Normalized Systems; modularity; evolvability; case study

Applying ISO 9126 Metrics to MDD Projects
Ricardo Alonso Muñoz Riesle, Beatriz Marín, and Lidia López
keywords: Quality Model; Model-Driven Development; Metrics; ISO 9126; Conceptual models

Evaluation of a Security Service Level Agreement
Chen-Yu Lee and Krishna M. Kavi
keywords: service level agreement; SLA; security; SSLA; cloud computing

Towards Systematic Safety System Development with a Tool Supported Pattern Language
Jari Rauhamäki, Timo Vepsäläinen, and Seppo Kuikka
keywords: system; software; design pattern; safety standard; tool support

An Analysis of sSven Concepts and Design Flaws in Identity Management Systems
João José Calixto das Chagas and Felipe Ferraz
keywords: Management;flaws;Identity;design;Security.

ATM Security: A Case Study of a Logical Risk Assessment
Johannes Braeuer, Bernadette Gmeiner, and Johannes Sametinger
keywords: automated teller machines; ATM security; embed-ded systems; risk assessment.

Applications of Security Reference Architectures in Distributed Systems: Initial Findings of Systematic Mapping Study
Sajjad Mahmood, Muhammad Jalal Khan, and Sajid Anwer
keywords: security reference architecture; reference architecture; distributed systems; systematic mapping study

Cif: A Static Decentralized Label Model (DLM) Analyzer to Assure Correct Information Flow in C
Kevin Müller, Sascha Uhrig, Michael Paulitsch, and Georg Sigl
keywords: Security, High-Assurance, Information Flow, Decentralized Label Model

Minimizing Attack Graph Data Structures
Peter Mell and Richard Harang
keywords: attack graph; complexity analysis; data structures; minimization; representation; security

Reliability-Aware Design Specification for Allowing Reuse-Based Reliability Level Increment
Patricia López, Leire Etxeberria, and Xabier Elkorobarrutia
keywords: safety; reuse; model-based

Best Practices for the Design of RESTful Web Services
Pascal Giessler, Michael Gebhart, Dmitrij Sarancin, Roland Steinegger, and Sebastian Abeck
keywords: REST; RESTful; best practices; collection; catalog; design; quality; research and practice

Criteria of Evaluation for Systems Using Sensor as a Service
Anderson Brito and Felipe Ferraz
keywords: sensor as a service; sensors repository; search engine data

Middleware Applied to Digital Preservation: A Literature Review
Eriko Brito, Paulo Cesar Abrantes, and Bruno de Freitas Barros
keywords: Digital Curation; Digital Preservation; Reproducibility; Middleware

Middleware For Heterogeneous Healthcare Data Exchange: A Survey
Carlos Bezerra, André Araujo, Bruno Rocha, Vagner Pereira, and Felipe Ferraz
keywords: Middleware; Healthcare; Data Exchange; Interop; Heterogeneous Data; HL7; EHR;

Teaching Robotics and Mechanisms
Daniela Marghitu and Dan . Marghitu
keywords: MATLAB; symbolic calculations; kinematic chain

Case of Enterprise Architecture in Manufacturing Firm
Alicia Valdez, Griselda Cortes, Sergio Castaneda, Gerardo Haces, and Jose Medina
keywords: Enterprise architecture; Strategic planning; Manufacturing companies

An Empirical Investigation on the Motivations for the Adoption of Open Source Software
Davide Taibi
keywords: Open Source Adoption; Empirical Study; Open Source Quality

Gamifying and Conveying Software Engineering Concepts for Secondary Education: An Edutainment Approach
Roy Oberhauser
keywords: software engineering education; software engineering games; game-based learning; digital games

Using Cloud Services To Improve Software Engineering Education for Distributed Application Development
Jorge Edison Lascano and Stephen W. Clyde
keywords: computer science education; software-engineering education; cloud computing; virtual environments; distributed systems.

Controlled Variability Management for Business Process Model Constraints
Neel Mani and Claus Pahl
keywords: Business Process Modelling, Process Constraints, Variability Model, Domain-specific Rule Language

Several Issues on the Model Interchange Between Model-Driven Software Development Tools
Una Ieva Zusane, Oksana Nikiforova, and Konstantins Gusarovs
keywords: model interchange; UML diagrams; model-driven software development tool

Testing Smart Cities Through an Extensible Testbed
Guilherme Medeiros, Felipe Ferraz, and Gutemberg Cavalcante
keywords: Data Mass; Smart Cities; Internet of Things

Implementing the Observer Design Pattern as an Expressive Language Construct
Taher Ghaleb, Khalid Aljasser, and Musab Al-Turki
keywords: Design Patterns; Aspect-Oriented Programming; Extensible Compiler; Language Extension; Observer Pattern.

Supporting Tools for Managing Software Product Lines: a Systematic Mapping
Karen D. R. Pacini and Rosana T. V. Braga
keywords: Software Product Line Management; Systematic Mapping.

Recovering Lost Software Design with the Help of Aspect-based Abstractions
Kiev Gama and Didier Donsez
keywords: Software layers; Software reengineering; Aspect-oriented programming.

Networking-based Personalized Research Environment : NePRE
Heeseok Choi, Jiyoung Park, Hyoungseop Shim, and Beomjong You
keywords: research support; persoanlization; R&D life-cycle

Decision Making and Service Oriented Architecture for Recruitment Process Using the New Standard Decision Model and Notation (DMN)
Fatima Boumahdi, Houssem Eddine Boulefrakh, and Rachid Chalal
keywords: SOA; SOA +d ; DMN; SoaML, AHP.

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