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ThinkMind // ICWMC 2011, The Seventh International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications

Type: conference

Download: ICWMC 2011 cover page

Download: ICWMC 2011 foreword page

Download: ICWMC 2011 committee page

Download: ICWMC 2011 table of contents

Download: ICWMC 2011 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Dragana Krstic, University of Nis, Serbia
Andreas Löffler, Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
Constantin Paleologu, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

Event editions: - there are 11 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4219

ISBN: 978-1-61208-140-3

Location: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Dates: from June 19, 2011 to June 24, 2011

Articles: there are 54 articles

Efficient Rate Adaptive Resource Allocation Scheme in Uplink OFDMA Wireless Systems
Vasileios Papoutsis and Stavros Kotsopoulos
keywords: OFDMA, resource allocation, multiuser diversity

Resource Allocation Algorithm for MISO-OFDMA Systems with QoS Provisioning
Vasileios Papoutsis and Stavros Kotsopoulos
keywords: MISO, OFDMA, resource allocation, Zero-Forcing, minimum data rate constraints

Scrambling-Exact Channel Estimation in W-CDMA Systems
Wolfgang U. Aichmann
keywords: W-CDMA; HSDPA; MIMO; channel estimation; scrambling

The Mathematical Relationship Between Maximum Access Delay and the R.M.S Delay Spread
Khalid Hassan, Tharek Abd Rahman, M. Ramlee Kamarudin, and Faizah Nor
keywords: Ofdm; cyclic prefix; delay spread.

An Effective transmit Weight Design for DPC with Maximum Beam in Multi-user MIMO Downlink
Cong Li and Yasunori Iwanami
keywords: Multi-user MIMO downlink, Capacity, Dirty Paper Coding (DPC), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)

MLD-based MFSK Demodulation on MIMO Frequency Selective Fading Channel
Yasunori Iwanami and Kenji Nakayama
keywords: MIMO, MFSK, ISI, IAI, MLD, M-algorithm, FDE, Multipath channel

The Impact of Antenna Directivity and Channel Bandwidth on the Power Spectral Density of Wideband and UWB MISO Channels
Ana-Maria Pistea, Tudor Palade, Ancuta Moldovan, and Hamidreza Saligheh Rad
keywords: Keywords-WB; UWB; MIMO; wireless channel; PSD.

Angular CMA: A modified Constant Modulus Algorithm providing steering angle updates
Koen C. H. Blom, Marcel D. van de Burgwal, Kenneth C. Rovers, André B. J. Kokkeler, and Gerard J. M. Smit
keywords: blind beamforming; CMA; hierarchical arrays

A Smart Predictive Link Layer Trigger Algorithm to Optimize Homogenous/Heterogeneous Networks WiFi Handover Decisions
Chunmei Liu and Christian Maciocco
keywords: predictive handover trigger; station collision probability; WiFi networks; intra- and inter-technology handover

Exploiting Movement synchronization to Increase End-to-end file Sharing efficiency for Delay Sensitive Streams in Vehicular P2P Devices
Constandinos Mavromoustakis
keywords: synchronized mobility scheme; partially synchronized mobility scheme; file sharing scheme; end-to-end efficienc; evaluation through simulation

Vertical Fast Handoff in Integrated WLAN and UMTS Networks
Vahid Solouk, Borhanuddin Mohd Ali, and Daniel Wong
keywords: vertical handoff; early binding update; packet delivery; latency; signaling cost

A Hop-Oriented Position Estimation Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Hsing-Lung Chen, Li-Chung Lin, and Shu-Hua Hu
keywords: sensor nodes; GPS; broadcast; hop count; beacon nodes; normal nodes

Investigation of the Correlation Effect on the Performance of V-BLAST and OSTBC MIMO Systems
Ali Jemmali and Jean Conan
keywords: Multi-antenna MIMO system, OSTBC, V-BLAST, Bit Error Rate

Simple Detection Schemes for the Alamouti Code Assisted V-BLAST (ACAV) System
David Wee-Gin Lim
keywords: Hybrid transmission scheme; ACAV; STBC-VBLAST; MIMO detector; MIMO detection scheme

Radiation Pattern Behaviour of Reconfigurable Asymmetry Slotted Ultra Wideband Antenna
Yusnita Rahayu, Azlyna Senawi, and Razali Ngah
keywords: antenna; antenna measurement; radiation pattern; ultra wideband; band-notched antenna.

Radio Resource Unit Allocation and Rate Adaptation in Filter Banks Multicarrier System
Faouzi Bader and Mohammad Banat
keywords: RRM; Filter bank; WiMAX; JRAB

An Experimental Study of ICI Cancellation in OFDM Utilizing GNU Radio System
Miftahur Rahman, Sajjadul Latif, and Tasnia Ahad
keywords: OFDM; USRP; GNU radio; ICI cancellation; 400MHz, software defined radio

Dynamic Group PCI Assignment Scheme
Xu Zhang, DiBin Zhou, Zhu Xiao, Enjie Liu, Jie Zhang, and Andres Alayon Glasunov
keywords: PCI, CGI, LTE femtocell, Graph Colouring, PCI release

Performance Analysis of Pilot Patterns in Coded OFDMA Systems over Multi-user Channels
Jihyung Kim, Jung-Hyun Kim, Kwang Jae Lim, and Dong Seung Kwon
keywords: OFDMA, interference, pilot pattern

A System Design for The Integration of RFID Systems with Wireless Network Technologies
Mehmet Erkan Yüksel and Asım Sinan Yüksel
keywords: Radio frequency identification; active/passive tag; Wi-Fi; WiMAX; TinyOS; data gathering; object monitoring

The Selected Propagation Models Analysis of Usefulness in Container Terminal Environment
Slawomir Ambroziak and Ryszard Katulski
keywords: radio waves propagation; measuring research; container terminal environment; propagation models verification

Bandwidth Allocation Algorithms for VOIP Networks: An Experimentation System and Evaluation of Created Algorithm
Rafal Orlowski, Michal Chamow, Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, Leszek Koszalka, and Andrzej Kasprzak
keywords: bandwidth; algorithm; experimentation system; optimization; efficiency

On the Receiver Performance in MU-MIMO Transmission in LTE
Zijian Bai, Biljana Badic, Stanislaus Iwelski, Tobias Scholand, Rajarajan Balraj, Guido Bruck, and Peter Jung
keywords: LTE (Long Term Evolution), MU-MIMO (Multiuser Multiple Input Multiple Output), Max-Log-MAP (Maximum A Posteriori Probability), IRC (Interference Rejection Combiner)

A Hybrid Solution For Coverage Enhancement in Directional Sensor Networks
M. Amac Guvensan and A. Gokhan Yavuz
keywords: Directional Sensor Networks; Coverage; Cost; Energy Efficiency; Motility; Mobility; Hybrid Deployment

Amplifying Matrix Design for Cooperative Relay Networks under Channel Uncertainty and Power Constraint
Kanghee Lee, Hyuck Kwon, Yanwu Ding, Zuojun Wang, Yu Bi, and Yazan Ibdah
keywords: AF, MMSE, channel-uncertainty, power-constraint

Finite-State Markov Chain Approximation for Geometric Mean of MIMO Eigenmodes
Ping-Heng Kuo and Pang-An Ting
keywords: MIMO; Geometric mean decomposition; Rayleigh fading; Markov model.

An Algorithmic Approach for Analyzing Wireless Networks with Retrials and Heterogeneous Servers
Nawel Gharbi and Leila Charabi
keywords: Retrial phenomenon; Heterogeneous servers; Wireless networks; Generalized Stochastic Petri nets; Performance indices.

Performance Analysis of an Ant-based Routing Algorithm with Enhanced Path Maintenance for MANETs
Miae Woo
keywords: Routing, Mobile Ad-Hoc Network, Ant Colony Optimization, Performance Analysis

Adaptive Cross Layer Approach for Video Transmission Over Cognitive UWB Network
Norazizah Mohd Aripin, Norsheila Fisal, Rozeha A. Rashid, and Anthony C.C. Lo
keywords: cross-layer design; cognitive UWB network; video transmission

A Survey on Multi-Channel Based, Digital Media- Driven 802.11 Wireless Mesh Networks
Christian Köbel, Walter Baluja García, and Joachim Habermann
keywords: 802.11; Mesh; Multi-Interface; QoS

A Bidirectional Semi-Passive DS-CDMA-RFID Transponder for the UHF Band
Andreas Loeffler and Ingo Altmann
keywords: Radiofrequency identification; UHF; transponder; Backscatter.

Efficient Symbol Detector for MIMO Communication Systems
Soohyun Jang and Yunho Jung
keywords: MIMO; ML; multi-stage pipeline; spatial diversity; spatial multiplexing; symbol detector

Software Defined Radio as a DS-CDMA Receiver
Ryszard Katulski, Wojciech Siwicki, and Jacek Stefanski
keywords: Programmable radio; Software Defined Radio; SDR; phase correction; AEGIR

Performance Improvements of Mobile SCTP during handover period
Sinh Chung Nguyen, Thi Mai Trang Nguyen, and Guy Pujolle
keywords: SCTP; mSCTP handover; multi-homing; congestion control; vertical handover.

Sink-Connected Barrier Coverage Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yung-Liang Lai and Jehn-Ruey Jiang
keywords: Wireless sensor networks; Barrier coverage; Maximum flow minimum cost algorithm; Sink connectivity

The Joint Probability Density Function of the SSC Combiner Output Signal at Two Time Instants in the Presence of Hoyt Fading
Dragana Krstić, Petar Nikolić, Goran Stamenović, and Mihajlo Stefanović
keywords: Probability Density Function; Joint Probability Density Function; Hoyt Fading; Diversity Reception; SSC Combining

Hybrid Log-MAP Algorithm for Turbo Decoding Over AWGN Channel
Li Li Lim and David Wee Gin Lim
keywords: Log-MAP, turbo codes, correction function, Jacobian logarithm.

Evaluating Transceiver Power Savings Produced by Connectivity Strategies for Infrastructure Wireless Mesh Networks
Pragasen Mudali, Murimo Mutanga, Matthew Adigun, and Ntsibane Ntlatlapa
keywords: wireless mesh networks, connectivity, power savings, network lifetime, topology control

Spectrum Access during Cognitive Radio Mobiles’ Handoff
Emna Trigui, Moez Esseghir, and Leila Merghem Boulahia
keywords: Cognitive radio, Dynamic spectrum access, Mobility, Spectrum sharing, Spectrum handoff

Efficiently Using Bitmap Floorplans for Indoor Navigation on Mobile Phones
Martin Werner
keywords: Navigation; Image Processing

Near Field Sensing in Wireless LANs
Wolfgang Narzt and Heinrich Schmitzberger
keywords: Near Field Sensing; Interaction Zones; Wireless LAN

Spectrum Sensing Measurement using GNU Radio and USRP Software Radio Platform
Rozeha A. Rashid, Mohd Adib Sarijari, Norsheila Fisal, Anthony Lo, Sh. Kamilah S. Yusof, and Nurhija Mahalin
keywords: Spectrum Sensing; Probability of Detection; Probability of False Alarm; GNU Radio; USRP

Secure, Privacy-Preserving, and Context-Restricted Information Sharing for Location-based Social Networks
Michael Dürr, Philipp Marcus, and Kevin Wiesner
keywords: Online Social Networks; Proximity Detection; Location Integrity; Privacy; Security.

Seamless Multimedia Handoff for Hierarchical Mobile IPv6
Khaled Zeraoulia and Nadjib Badache
keywords: Seamless handover; HMIPv6; multimedia applications.

Heterogeneous Networks Handover Decision Triggering Algorithm Based on Measurements Messages Transfer using IP Option Header
Malak Z. Habeib, Hussein A. Elsayed, Salwa H. Elramly, and Magdy M. Ibrahim
keywords: Keywords-handover; vertical; horizontal; mobility; IP header; wireless; ping pong effect

The Impacts of Dynamic Broadcast Schemes on the Performance of
Dimitrios Liarokapis and Ali Shahrabi
keywords: dynamic, adaptive, probability, broadcasting, MANETs

Cyclostationary Detection in Spectrum Pooling System of Undefined Secondary Users
Nazar Radhi, Kahtan Aziz, Rafed Sabbar Abbas, and Hamed AL-Raweshidy
keywords: Cognitive Radio; Sensing; Cyclostationary Detection; Undefined.

Restore Partitioning in MANETs with Dynamically Deployed Helping Hosts — Message Cabs (MCabs)
Ting Wang and Chor Ping Low
keywords: Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs), Helping Host, Message Cab, Adaptive Route Design, Dynamic Deployment

Increasing the Speed of a Wireless Network by Processing Indoor
Alexey Lagunov
keywords: RadioEthernet; wireless, interference; disturbance; Wi-Fi, reflectance

Thresholds Determination for new Backoff Algorithm in MANETs
Muneer Bani Yassein, Wail Mardini, and Zainab AbuTaye
keywords: Meduim Access Control protocols; Backoff Algorithm; Ad hoc network; network performance

An Interference Avoiding Wireless Network Architecture for Coexistence of CDMA 2000 1x EVDO and LTE Systems
Xinsheng Zhao, Jia You, and Tao Jin
keywords: Interference; LTE, CDMA2000 1x EVDO; Wireless Networks

Challenge Token-based Authentication – CTA
Ghassan Kbar
keywords: wireless; authentication; security

Efficient Privacy Preservation Protocol Using Self-certified Signature For VANETS
Bidi Ying, Dimitrios Makrakis, and Hussein T. Mouftah
keywords: Vehicular networks, self-certified, privacy

Security Enhanced Authentication Protocol for UHF Passive RFID System
Suna Choi, Sangyeon Lee, and Heyungsub Lee
keywords: RFID security; AES; OFB-like mode; mutual authentication

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