DataSys 2023 Congress
June 26, 2023 to June 30, 2023 - Nice, Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France

  • AICT 2023, The Nineteenth Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications
  • ICIW 2023, The Eighteenth International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services
  • ICIMP 2023, The Eighteenth International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection
  • SMART 2023, The Twelfth International Conference on Smart Cities, Systems, Devices and Technologies
  • IMMM 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Advances in Information Mining and Management
  • INFOCOMP 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Advanced Communications and Computation
  • MOBILITY 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Mobile Services, Resources, and Users
  • SPWID 2023, The Ninth International Conference on Smart Portable, Wearable, Implantable and Disability-oriented Devices and Systems
  • ACCSE 2023, The Eighth International Conference on Advances in Computation, Communications and Services

ComputationWorld 2023 Congress
June 26, 2023 to June 30, 2023 - Nice, Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France

  • SERVICE COMPUTATION 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advanced Service Computing
  • CLOUD COMPUTING 2023, The Fourteenth International Conference on Cloud Computing, GRIDs, and Virtualization
  • FUTURE COMPUTING 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Future Computational Technologies and Applications
  • COGNITIVE 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications
  • ADAPTIVE 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Adaptive and Self-Adaptive Systems and Applications
  • CONTENT 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Creative Content Technologies
  • PATTERNS 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Pervasive Patterns and Applications
  • COMPUTATION TOOLS 2023, The Fourteenth International Conference on Computational Logics, Algebras, Programming, Tools, and Benchmarking
  • BUSTECH 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Business Intelligence and Technology

NetWare 2023 Congress
September 25, 2023 to September 29, 2023 - Porto, Portugal

  • SENSORCOMM 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications
  • SENSORDEVICES 2023, The Fourteenth International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications
  • SECURWARE 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies
  • AFIN 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advances in Future Internet
  • CENICS 2023, The Sixteenth International Conference on Advances in Circuits, Electronics and Micro-electronics
  • ICQNM 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Quantum, Nano/Bio, and Micro Technologies
  • FASSI 2023, The Ninth International Conference on Fundamentals and Advances in Software Systems Integration
  • GREEN 2023, The Eighth International Conference on Green Communications, Computing and Technologies

NexTech 2023 Congress
September 25, 2023 to September 29, 2023 - Porto, Portugal

  • UBICOMM 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies
  • ADVCOMP 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Advanced Engineering Computing and Applications in Sciences
  • SEMAPRO 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing
  • AMBIENT 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Ambient Computing, Applications, Services and Technologies
  • EMERGING 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Emerging Networks and Systems Intelligence
  • DATA ANALYTICS 2023, The Twelfth International Conference on Data Analytics
  • GLOBAL HEALTH 2023, The Twelfth International Conference on Global Health Challenges
  • CYBER 2023, The Eighth International Conference on Cyber-Technologies and Cyber-Systems

TrendNews 2023 Congress
September 25, 2023 to September 29, 2023 - Porto, Portugal

  • CORETA 2023, Advances on Core Technologies and Applications
  • DIGITAL 2023, Advances on Societal Digital Transformation

SocSys 2023 Congress
November 13, 2023 to November 17, 2023 - Valencia, Spain

SoftNet 2023 Congress
November 13, 2023 to November 17, 2023 - Valencia, Spain

  • ICSEA 2023, The Eighteenth International Conference on Software Engineering Advances
  • ICSNC 2023, The Eighteenth International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications
  • CENTRIC 2023, The Sixteenth International Conference on Advances in Human-oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies, and Services
  • VALID 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advances in System Testing and Validation Lifecycle
  • SIMUL 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advances in System Simulation
  • SOTICS 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Social Media Technologies, Communication, and Informatics
  • INNOV 2023, The Twelfth International Conference on Communications, Computation, Networks and Technologies
  • HEALTHINFO 2023, The Eighth International Conference on Informatics and Assistive Technologies for Health-Care, Medical Support and Wellbeing

IARIA Congress 2023, The 2023 IARIA Annual Congress on Frontiers in Science, Technology, Services, and Applications
November 13, 2023 to November 17, 2023 - Valencia, Spain



ThinkMind // ICWMC 2012, The Eighth International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications

Type: conference

Download: ICWMC 2012 cover page

Download: ICWMC 2012 foreword page

Download: ICWMC 2012 committee page

Download: ICWMC 2012 table of contents

Download: ICWMC 2012 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Dragana Krstic, University of Nis, Serbia
Eugen Borcoci, University “Politehnica” Bucharest, Romania

Event editions: - there are 13 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4219

ISBN: 978-1-61208-203-5

Location: Venice, Italy

Dates: from June 24, 2012 to June 29, 2012

Articles: there are 73 articles

Performance Evaluation of Multicell Coordinated Beamforming Approaches for OFDM Systems
José Assunção, Reza Holakouei, Adão Silva, and Atílio Gameiro
keywords: distributed precoding, distributed power allocation, multicell systems, OFDM and LTE.

Blind Subspace Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems with Few Received Blocks
Jung-Lang Yu, Po-Ting Chen, and Wan-Ru Kuo
keywords: MIMO-OFDM; blind subspace channel estimation; Toeplitz; AIC; MDL.

Blind Estimation Schemes for Frequency Offset of OFDM Systems in Non-Gaussian Noise Environments
Jong In Park, Changha Yu, Youngpo Lee, and Seokho Yoon
keywords: blind estimation; frequency offset; maximumlikelihood; non-Gaussian noise; OFDM.

A Periodogram-based CFO Estimation Scheme for OFDM Systems
Changha Yu, Jong In Park, Youngpo Lee, and Seokho Yoon
keywords: blind estimation; frequency offset; maximumlikelihood; non-Gaussian noise; OFDM.

A Novel Concept of UWB Pulse Switching in Sensor Networks
Qiong Huo and Subir Biswas
keywords: Impulse Radio; Pulse Switching; UWB; Sensor Network; Event Monitoring; Pulse Routing

Efficient Interpolation Architecture for Soft-Decision List Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes
Sungman Lee and Taegeun Park
keywords: VLSI architecture; Polynomial interpolation; Reed-Solomon codes; Soft-decision list decoding

Two-stage Wideband Class-E Power Amplifier in a 130 nm CMOS Process
Danish Kalim, Adel Fatemi, and Renato Negra
keywords: Wideband, class-E, load transformation network (LTN), switching-mode power amplifier (SMPA), power added efficiency (PAE)

A SMART RFID Transponder
Riad Kanan and Darko Petrovic
keywords: SMART RFID, sensing system, Low-Power

Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Small Cell Wireless Networks with Base Station Channels Breakdowns
Nawel Gharbi
keywords: Small Cell Networks; Retrial phenomenon; Channels breakdowns; Base station breakdowns; Generalized Stochastic Petri nets; Performance and reliability indices.

Theoretically Feasible QoS in a MIMO Cellular Network Compared to the Practical LTE Performance
Mohamed Kadhem Karray and Miodrag Jovanovic
keywords: MIMO; interference; QoS; cellular; wireless

Evaluation of Routing Protocols for Internet-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks
Ion Emilian Radoi, Aditi Shenoy, and DK Arvind
keywords: WSN; routing protocols; CoAP; AODV; RPL.

Performance Evaluation of Data Delivery Procedure in IEEE 802.15.4 Based on Discrete-Time Markov-Chain
Peng Hao, Weiting Liu, and Jianhua Wang
keywords: 802.15.4 MAC; CSMA/CA; Data delivery procedure; Discrete-time Markov-Chain; Performance evaluation.

Merging Grid into Clustering-based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Ying-Hong Wang, Yu-Wei Lin, Yu-Yu Lin, and Hang-Ming Chang
keywords: Cluster; Power saving; Routing protocol; WSNs.

WSNs Coverage Hole Partial Recovery by Nodes' Constrained and Autonomous Movements Using Virtual $alpha$-chords
Ali Rafiei, Mehran Abolhasan, Daniel Robert Franklin, and Farzad Safaei
keywords: Coverage holes; autonomous and constrained movements; Wireless sensor networks; virtual chord

A Technical Comparison Between Data Rate Enhancement Options in Radio Communications Networks
Cristian Androne and Tudor Palade
keywords: 60 GHz WLAN; applications; comparison; coverage;, femtocell; small cell

A Greedy-based Network Planning Algorithm for Heterogeneous Smart Grid Infrastructures
Christian Müller and Christian Wietfeld
keywords: network planning algorithm; covering location problem; heterogeneous infrastructures; smart grid

Cramer-Rao Lower Bound on RF Pattern Matching Method with Velocity in LTE System
Dengkun Xiao, Jiangbo Zhu, Jie Cui, and Xinlong Luo
keywords: Cramer-Rao Lower Bound; RFPM

Enabling Guaranteed Beacon and Data Slots in Multi-hop Mesh Sensor Networks for Home Health Monitoring
Juan Lu, Adrien Van Den Bossche, and Eric Campo
keywords: IEEE 802.15.4; mesh topology; QoS; energy saving, health monitoring application

AEGIR – Asynchronous Radiolocation System
Slawomir Ambroziak, Ryszard Katulski, Jaroslaw Sadowski, Wojciech Siwicki, and Jacek Stefanski
keywords: navigation; hyperbolic systems; radiolocation; AEGIR; TDOA.

EE-AOC: Energy Efficient Always-On-Connectivity Architecture
Sameh Gobriel, Christian Maciocco, Charlie Tai, and Alexander Min
keywords: Always-on-always-connected; connected standby; energy efficient communications; wireless networks; sleep mode.

TAO: A Time-Aware Opportunistic Routing Protocol for Service Invocation in Intermittently Connected Networks
Ali Makke, Nicolas Le Sommer, and Yves Mahéo
keywords: Service invocation; Opportunistic Networking; Disconnected Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Compulsory Service Extensions to SIP-Initiated Communication Sessions
Philipp Marcus, Thomas Mair, and Florian Dorfmeister
keywords: SIP-Services; Trusted Third Party; Public-Key- Cryptography; Location Verification; Call Recording.

Constrained Priority Countdown Freezing - A Collision Memory Avoidance Algorithm
Ivan Kedžo, Julije Ožegović, and Vesna Pekić
keywords: collision memory; constrained freezing; backoff freezing; DCF countdown; wireless MAC.

Reduced Complexity Algorithm for Quantized Equal Gain Transmission Codebook over Closed Loop MIMO Systems
Noe Yoon Park, Xun Li, and Young Ju Kim
keywords: Closed-loop MIMO; Limited feedback; Grouping; Grassmannian beamforming

Performance Improvement of Differential Codebooks with Noisy Feedback Channels
Xun Li, Noe Yoon Park, and Young Ju Kim
keywords: Differential codebook, Temporal correlation, Limited feedback.

High-Throughput Mail Gateways for Mobile E-mail Services based on In-Memory KVS
Masafumi Kinoshita, Gen Tsuchida, and Takafumi Koike
keywords: MTA (mail transfer agent); KVS (key-value-store); in-memory data grid

Transmission of JPEG2000 Images in an Uplink Cellular Network with UPA and SCFDE: A System Description
Moein Shayegannia, Sami Muhaidat, and Atousa HajshirMohammadi
keywords: JPEG2000; unequal power allocation; single carrier frequency domain equalization; space time block coding; wireless image transmission.

Design and Implementation of a Smart Home Energy Management System with Hybrid Sensor Network in Smart Grid Environments
Jinsung Byun, Insung Hong, and Sehyun Park
keywords: home energy management system; smart Grid; wireless sensor networks (WSNs); pattern-based control, hybrid sensor networks

Research on Improving Accuracy of Cardiac Disorder Data Analysis based on Random Forest Classifier
HyunJu Lee, DongIl Shin, DongKyoo Shin, HeeWon Park, and SooHan Kim
keywords: ECG; R-R interval; HRV; SVM; MLP; Random Forest; classifier; accuracy.

Scalable Democratic Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
Ronit Nossenson
keywords: Wireless mesh network; scalable routing algorithms; connectivity models.

Demand Aware Fair Resource Allocation in TDMA Wireless Networks
Xiaolong Huang and Soumya Das
keywords: Congestion control, fairness, multi-hop wireless network, optimization, quality of service, resource allocation, TDMA

An Analysis of the Interference Problem in Wireless TDMA Networks
Anuschka Igel and Reinhard Gotzhein
keywords: interference problem; reservation; TDMA; neighborhood; wireless network

QoS-aware Resource Allocation for In-band Relaying in LTE-Advanced
Thiago Martins de Moraes, Arturo Antonio Gonzalez, Muhammad Danish Nisar, and Eiko Seidel
keywords: QoS; Relay; LTE; Resource allocation; Scheduler; Backhaul link; VoIP; Video; Delay budget; In-band Relays.

A Bandwidth Reservation Method for IPTV Service
Yong-do Choi, Zhi-Bin Yu, Jae-hyun Jun, and Sung-ho Kim
keywords: QoS, bandwidth reservation, IPTV

Novel Three Stage Scheduler for Real Time Traffic in an OFDMA System with Delay and Retransmission Constraints
Suman Kumar, Krishnamurthy Giridhar, and Sheetal Kalyani
keywords: Proportion Fair, Max Rate, MLWDF, HARQ, Throughput, Fairness, PLR

Application Aware Mechanisms in HSPA Systems
Péter Szilágyi and Csaba Vulkán
keywords: application awareness; HSPA; quality of experience; quality of service; simulation and modeling

An ICT-oriented Management Solution for NGNs
Pedro Gonçalves, Ricardo Mendes, and Rui Aguiar
keywords: NGN management; Middleware; technology integration; NETCONF; WBEM.

Centralized Bandwidth Management in Multi-Radio Access Networks
Balázs Héder, Péter Szilágyi, and Csaba Vulkán
keywords: HSPA, LTE, CC, multi-RAN, QoS

A Fast and Efficient Key Agreement Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Mee Loong Yang, Adnan al-Anbuky, and William Liu
keywords: Blom’s scheme; ad hoc networks; security; wireless sensor networks; key pre-distribution

Interactive Remote Authentication Dial in User Service (RADIUS) Authentication Server Model
Rohan Deshmukh
keywords: RADIUS; NAS; ID; Attributes.

Attribute-Based Group Key Management for Wireless Sensor Network - A Cross-layer Design Approach for Group Key Management
Jun Noda and Yuichi Kaji
keywords: wireless sensor network; security; group key; cross-layer design.

Location-Based Utilization for Unidirectional Links in MANETs
Huda Al-Aamri, Abolhasan AbolhasanSafaei, Mehran Abolhasan, and Daniel Franklin
keywords: MANET; routing protocol; unidirectional link; AODV;

Different Criteria of Selection for Quantized Feedback of Minimum-Distance Based MIMO Precoder
Ancuta Moldovan, Ghadir Madi, Baptiste Vrigneau, Tudor Palade, and Rodolphe Vauzelle
keywords: channel state information; limited feedback; MIMO precoders; precoder selection

On Browsing Behavior-based Traffic Model of Mobile Internet
Hong Tang, Xiang-yue Kong, Lu Wang, and Yu Wu
keywords: Mobile Internet;User behavior;Browsing Traffic Model;K-S test

FPGA Implementation of CRC with Error Correction
Wael El-Medany
keywords: FPGA; CRC Code; IP Core; VLSI.

On Throughput Characteristics of Type II Hybrid-ARQ with Decode and Forward Relay using Non-Binary Rate-Compatible Punctured LDPC Codes
Hironori Tanaka and Yasunori Iwanami
keywords: NB RCP LDPC code; Hybrid-ARQ; Decode and Forward Relay; MIMO-OFDM; Symbol-LLR.

Using Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Minimizing the Costs of Access-Point Location
Pawel Aksiutin, Dymitr Paremski, Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, Leszek Koszalka, and Andrzej Kasprzak
keywords: cost optimization; wireless network; access point, heuristic algorithm; experimentation system

Multi-Level Collaborative Spectrum Sensing in Nakagami Fading Channels
Omkalthoum El-Bashir Hamed and Mohammed Abdel-Hafez
keywords: Spectrum sensing; opportunistic access; cognitive radio; Nakagami-m fading channel; square law combining; maximum selection combining; hard decision combining.

Analysis of Interfered Noise for Sound Systems over LTE Mobile Phones
Suna Choi, Sungwoong Choi, Sangbong Jeon, Yongsup Shim, and Seungkeun Park
keywords: LTE; interference; sound system.

Spatial Reuse and Interference-Aware Slot Scheduling in a Distributed TDMA MANET System
Isabelle Labbe, Jean-Francois Roy, Francis St-Onge, and Benoit Gagnon
keywords: spatial reuse, interference, slot scheduling, distributed TDMA Ad Hoc Network

Vehicular Networks Smart Connectivity
Sivaramakrishnan Sivakumar and Adnan Al-Anbuky
keywords: Adaptive connectivity; Data Handoff; Dynamic coverage modulation; Adaptive sampling.

Differentially Amplitude- and Phase-Encoded QAM in Amplify-and-Forward Multiple Relay System Over Nakagami-m Fading Channels
Chi-Hua Huang and Char-Dir Chung
keywords: Amplify-and-forward relay, differential detection, Nakagami-m fading, star-QAM.

Full Rate Full Diversity Wireless Multicasting for Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communications
Ali Eksim and Mehmet E. Celebi
keywords: cooperative extended balanced space-time block coding; wireless multicasting; diversity; vehicular communications

Analysis of Statistical Time-access Fairness Index of Opportunistic Feedback Fair Scheduler
Fumio Ishizaki
keywords: Opportunistic feedback fair scheduler; Short term fairness; Statistical time-access fairness index

Probability Density Functions of Derivatives in Two Time Instants for SSC Combiner in Rician Fading Channel
Dragana Krstić, Petar Nikolić, and Goran Stamenović
keywords: probability density function; Rician fading; Switch and Stay Combining; time derivative

Performance Evaluation of MIMO Schemes in 5 MHz Bandwidth LTE System
Ali Jemmali and Jean Conan
keywords: Multi-antenna MIMO system, LTE, BLER, Data Throughput

Joint Source-Relay Precoding with MMSE-based Interference Suppression in two-way MIMO Amplify and Forward Relays
Sundar Aditya, Rajeshwari S. S, and Giridhar K.
keywords: Two-way MIMO relay, Amplify-and-Forward, MMSE Interference Suppression, Joint Source-Relay Precoding

Monitoring of Environmental Parameters in Nanoelectronic Fabrication
Mokhloss I. Khadem Khadem and Valentin Sgarciu
keywords: dust sensors; temperature and humidity sensors; wireless network sensors; Mote-VIEW software

Semi-Blind Dual-Hop Relay Selection based on the First Relaying Hop
John F. An, Sheng Yang, and Sheng Yuan Wu
keywords: Relaying network; dual-hop; outage probability; maximum a posteriori probability; Rayleigh fading.

Performance Analysis of MIMO STBC in A High Altitude Platforms Communications Channel
Iskandar Iskandar and Albaz Rosada
keywords: HAPs; MIMO; STBC; Ricean channel; K factor; Spatial Multiplexing

Coordinated Multi-point Multistream Scheme for Disaster Recovery in MIMO Multi-Cellular Systems
Tetsuki Taniguchi, Yoshio Karasawa, and Nobuo Nakajima
keywords: CoMP (coordinated multi-point); MIMO (multiple input multiple output); cooperative communication; cellular system; disaster recovery.

Wireless Module for Data Collection
Alexey Lagunov and Dmitry Fedin
keywords: wireless; module; data; collection

Communication aspect in ICT for Freight Transport System
Pushpendra Kumar, Belkacem Ould Bouamama, and Haffaf Hafid
keywords: Freight transport system; Intelligent transport system; Information and communication technology; Intelligent automated vehicle; Port conatiner terminal

Performance Analysis of Synchronization for an OFDMA System
Jihyung Kim, Jung-Hyun Kim, Kwang Jae Lim, and Dong Seung Kwon
keywords: synchronizatoin; preamble; OFDMA

Mobility Load Balancing Scheme based on Cell Reselection
Toshiaki Yamamoto, Toshihiko Komine, and Satoshi Konishi
keywords: LTE; self-organizing networks (SON); mobility load balancing (MLB); mobility robustness optimization (MRO); cell reselection

Trust and Energy-aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Laura Gheorghe, Razvan Rughinis, and Nicolae Tapus
keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, routing protocol, trust, energy, security

New Traffic Message Delivery Algorithm for a Novel VANET Architecture
Yueyue Li and Evtim Peytchev
keywords: TS; C2C/C2I; ad hoc network; VANET; routing algorithm; NS-2 simulation

Evaluating SLAM Approaches for Microsoft Kinect
Corina Kim Schindhelm
keywords: slam, kinect, odometry, indoor positioning

Identifying Sources of Interference in RSSI Traces of a Single IEEE 802.15.4 Channel
Sven Zacharias, Thomas Newe, Sinead O’Keeffe, and Elfed Lewis
keywords: IEEE 802.15.4; Radio Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI); 2.4 GHz ISM band; interference; coexistence; Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

Dynamic Distributed Resource Allocation in Relay Assisted OFDMA Networks
Javad Hajipour, Amr Mohamed, and Victor C. M. Leung
keywords: OFDMA; regenerative buffering relays; dual decomposition; distributed resource allocation

A Protoyping Platform for Spectrum Sensing in China
Christian Kocks, Alexander Viessmann, Peter Jung, and Chen Lei
keywords: CMMB; Cognitive Radio; DTMB; Prototyping Platform; PAL-D/K; TV White Space

Maximal Ratio Combining SC-FDMA Performance over Correlated Ricean Channels
Jyoti R. Gangane, Mari Carmen Aguayo-Torres, and Juan J. Sanchez-Sanchez
keywords: SC-FDMA, MRC, Rice

Distribution of 2.4 GHz Range Radiowaves Indoors
Alexey Lagunov and Darina Lagunova
keywords: RadioEthernet; wireless interference; disturbance; Wi-Fi, reflectance

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