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ThinkMind // SECURWARE 2016, The Tenth International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies

Type: conference

Download: SECURWARE 2016 cover page

Download: SECURWARE 2016 foreword page

Download: SECURWARE 2016 committee page

Download: SECURWARE 2016 table of contents

Download: SECURWARE 2016 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Carla Merkle Westphall, University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Hans-Joachim Hof, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Geir Køien, University of Agder, Norway
Lukáš Králík, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic
Martin Hromada, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic
Dora Lapkova, Tomas Bata Univerzity in Zlin, Czech Republic

Event editions: - there are 10 editions.

ISSN: 2162-2116

ISBN: 978-1-61208-493-0

Location: Nice, France

Dates: from July 24, 2016 to July 28, 2016

Articles: there are 59 articles

A Generic Feature-based Detection for Facebook Spamming Groups
Meng-Jia Yen, Yang-Ling Hwang, Cheng-Yu Tsai, Fu-Hau Hsu, and Chih-Wen Ou
keywords: Facebook; spamming group; online social network

Beyond the Dolev-Yao Model: Realistic Application-Specific Attacker Models for Applications Using Vehicular Communication
Christoph Ponikwar, Hans-Joachim Hof, Smriti Gopinath, and Lars Wischhof
keywords: security; attacker model; VANET; V2X; ITS.

Cost-Effective Biometric Authentication using Leap Motion and IoT Devices
Louis-Philip Shahim, Dirk Snyman, Tiny Du Toit, and Hennie Kruger
keywords: biometrics; information security; internet of things (IoT); leap motion; multifactor authentication.

Node Compromise Detection Based on Parameter Grouping in Wireless Sensor Networks
Manyam Thaile and Oruganti Bala Venkata Ramanaiah
keywords: node compromise detection; software attestation; parameter grouping; wireless sensor network security

Embedded Security Testing with Peripheral Device Caching and Runtime Program State Approximation
Markus Kammerstetter, Daniel Burian, and Wolfgang Kastner
keywords: Embedded Systems; Security Analysis; State Explosion; Program Slicing; Virtual Machine Introspection

The Principle of 3D Sensors
Miroslav Marcaník, Michal Šustek, Pavel Tomášek, and Jiří Dvořák
keywords: 3D sensors; sensors; CCD; CMOS

A Secure Frequency Hiding Index for Encrypted Databases
Somayeh Sobati Moghadam
keywords: Data outsourcing; data privacy; querying encrypted data

Analysis of Direct Punch in Professional Defence Using Multiple Methods
Dora Lapkova, Milan Adamek, and Lukas Kralik
keywords: direct punch; professional defence; complex analysis; velocity; force

Methodology of the Determination of the Uncertainties by Using the Biometric Device the iCAM 7000
Hana Talandova, Lukas Kralik, and Milan Adamek
keywords: Iris recognition; Identification; iCAM 7000; Percentage of success

Scanning Probe Microscopy Used for 3D Topography Image Acquisition of Marks on Cartidge Cases in Forensic Ballistics
Milan Navratil, Vojtech Kresalek, Adam Koutecky, and Zdenek Malanik
keywords: forensic balistic; scanning probe microscopy; firing pin; cartridge case; marks; 3D; topography

Security of Seniors – The Detection and Prevention of Falls
Lubomír Macků and Markéta Matějíčková
keywords: seniors; emergency response; fall detection; smart phones; assistive technology; senior inspect; witrack.

Improvement of CPRNG of the PM-DC-LM Mode and Comparison with its Previous Version
Petr Zacek, Roman Jasek, and David Malanik
keywords: Deterministic Chaos; Logistic Map; CPRNG; Symmetric Cryptography; Block Cipher; Block Cipher Mode of Operation; PM-DC-LM.

Severity Assessment of Security Incidents
Lukas Kralik, Petr Stipek, Roman Senkerik, and Roman Jasek
keywords: severity assessment; security; incident; incident management; security management, multi-criterial decision making; MCDM

Methodology of Future Security Studies
Jan Valouch and Hana Urbanočoková
keywords: security futurology; forecasting methodology; security forecast; security situation; futurologists.

Measurement of Electromagnetic Interference of Electronic Devices
Hana Urbancokova, Jan Valouch, Stanislav Kovar, and Milan Adamek
keywords: Electromagnetic compatibility; Electromagnetic interference; Intrusion and hold-up alarm systems; Electronic device; Level of interference signals

Object Oriented Role-Based Access Control
Petr Stipek, Lukas Kralik, and Roman Senkerik
keywords: software security; object-oriented programming; weakly-typed languages; ACL;RBAC; CRUD; ORM/ODM

Introduction to Web Security and Evaluation Methods of Web Application Vulnerabilities
Petra Holbíková and Roman Jašek
keywords: Web Security; Secure Socket Layer; Threat Risk Modelling; Common Vulnerabilities Score System; Basic Web Security; Security Risks

Electromagnetic Weapons as Means of Stopping Vehicles
Jan Valouch and Hana Urbanočoková
keywords: direct energy weapons; car; vehicle; electromagnetic susceptibility; high power microwave; non-lethal weapons.

An Empirical Survey on how Much Security and Privacy Customers Want in Instant Messengers
Thomas Paul and Hans-Joachim Hof
keywords: Instant Messaging; instant messenger; security; usability.

The Mathematical Modeling of Road Transport in Context of Critical Infrastructure Protection
Jan Mrazek, Lucia Duricova, and Martin Hromada
keywords: critical infrastructure; crisis situation; extraordinary event; mathematical models of road transport; road critical infrastructure

Linkages Types with an Emphasis on Important Critical Infrastructure Sectors
Martin Hromada and Frantisek Paulus
keywords: critical infrastructure; important critical infrastructure sector; linkage; dependence; interdependence;

Security and Safety Processes in Czech Republic Universities
Lucia Duricova, Martin Hromada, and Jan Mrazek
keywords: Law Requirements; Risk Management; Safety; Security; Soft Targets

Comprehensive System of Intense Convective Precipitation Forecasts for Regional Crisis Management
David Saur and Lucia Duricova
keywords: Flash Floods; Weather Forecast; Thunderstorms; Crisis Management

Insight into Contemporary Dissemination Techniques of Mobile Botnet Clients (Bots)
Milan Oulehla and David Malanik
keywords: Android permission analysis; bot (client of botnet); bot dissemination, C&C server; Google Play; mobile botnet

Innovation Standard Methods of Evaluating the Results of Shooting
Zdeněk Maláník and David Malanik
keywords: Series Shooting Capability Index; Process Shooting Capability Index; Time Shooting Capability Index.

The Possibilities of the Search Engine Shodan in Relation to SCADA
Jan Vávra and Martin Hromada
keywords: Cyber Security; Industrial Control System; Vulnerability; Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

The Configuration of Alarm Systems during the Measurement of Electromagnetic Interference
Jan Valouch and Stanislav Kovář
keywords: electromagnetic compatibility; alarm systems configuration; equipment under test; alarm security systems.

Comparison of Security Devices in Terms of Interception
Stanislav Kovar, Jan Valouch, Hana Urbancokova, and Milan Adamek
keywords: electromagnetic interference; semi-anechoic chamber; closed circuit television; transmission path; far-field

Theoretical Sources for a Theory of Safety and Security
Ludek Lukas
keywords: theory of safety and security; risk theory; crisis theory; causality

Comparison of Various Encryption Techniques Based on Deterministic Chaos
Miroslav Popelka
keywords: Chaos; Chaotic Deterministic Map; Image Encryption; Pixels Shifting.

Using Ethical Hacking to Analyze BYOD Safety in Corporations
Roman Jašek and Jakub Nožička
keywords: hacking; tablet; android; Kali Linux; wireless network.

Critical Infrastructure Protection – Modeling of Domino and Synergy Effects
Martin Hromada
keywords: critical infrastructure; model; domino effect; resilience; protection; leontief’s economy model.

Towards Extensible Signature Policies in Brazil: A Case Study
Maurício Oliveira, Martín Vigil, Marcelo Carlomagno Carlos, and Ricardo Custódio
keywords: Signature Policy; Digital Signature; Public Key Infrastructure; Time-Stamp.

Information Support System Development in Relation to Critical Infrastructure Element Resilience Evaluation
Martin Hromada
keywords: critical infrastructure; resilience evaluation; information support system.

Strengthening Software Diversity Through Targeted Diversification
Vipin Singh Sehrawat and Yvo Desmedt
keywords: Software diversity, Return Oriented Programming, Code reuse attack, Targeted diversification.

Education System in Commercial Security
Vladislav Stefka
keywords: Commercial Security, Detective Activities, Property Protection and Security.

Possibilities of Technical Security of Elementary Schools
Rudolf Drga and Hana Charvatova
keywords: Elementary school; technical security; organizational structure.

Resistance of Passive Security Elements as A Quantitative Parameter Influencing The Overall Resistance and Resilience of A Critical Infrastructure Element
Tomáš Loveček, Anton Šiser, David Řehák, and Martin Hromada
keywords: resistance; resiliance; delay time; barriers; indicator

Electromagnetic Compatibility and Power-Line Quality
Frantisek Hruska and Milan Navratil
keywords: power-line quality; consumer net parameters; harmonic frequency; dynamic system

Interception Methods and GSM
Michal Sustek, Miroslav Marcanik, Milan Oplustil, Pavel Tomasek, and Zdenek Urednicek
keywords: eavesdropping; interception; GSM; 5G; wiretracking

Preliminary Study of Shielding of 802.11ah
Pavel Tomasek
keywords: IEEE 802.11ah; Internet of Things; Shielding; Eavesdropping

Authentication of Czech Banknotes using Raman Microscopy
Hana Vaskova and Pavel Valasek
keywords: authenticity; Czech banknotes; Raman sepctra; inks; spectral library.

An Efficient Pseudo Chaotic Number Generator Based on Coupling and Multiplexing Techniques
Ons Jallouli, Safwan El Assad, Mohammed Abu Taha, Maryline Chetto, René Lozi, and Daniel Caragata
keywords: Pseudo-chaotic number generator; Weakly Coupling; Chaotic multiplexing technique; Random numbers; Security analyses.

A Novel Verifiable Multi-Secret Sharing Scheme Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Nisha Patel, Prakash D. Vyavahare, and Manish Panchal
keywords: Multi-Secret Sharing Scheme; Double Knapsack Algorithm; Shamir's Threshold Scheme; Malicious Participant Detection; ECDLP

An Improved ID-based Proxy Signature Scheme Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Deepa Mukherjee, Prakash Vyavahare, and Manish Panchal
keywords: Proxy Signature Scheme; ID based Cryptography; designated verifier scheme; ECC; Knapsack Algorithm;

Selective Hybrid Chaotic-Based Cipher for Real-Time Image Application
Moussa Farajallah, Rawan Qumsieh, and Samer Isayed
keywords: skew tent map; confusion; diffusion; chaos-based cryptosystem

Seven Steps to a Quantum-Resistant Cipher
Julian Murguia Hughes
keywords: cipher; quantum-resistant; cryptography; secrecy; privacy; encryption; quantum; computing; resistant; data

Reflecting on the Use of Sonification for Network Monitoring
Louise Axon, Sadie Creese, Michael Goldsmith, and Jason R. C. Nurse
keywords: Sonification; Network Security; Anomaly Detection; Network Monitoring; Research Agenda

LoT: a Reputation-based Trust System for Long-term Archiving
Martín Vigil, Denise Demirel, Sheikh Mahbub Habib, Sascha Hauke, Johannes Buchmann, and Max Mühlhäuser
keywords: Digital Archiving; Time-Stamping; Reputation System; Trust; Electronic Health Record.

Security and Safety Requirements for Soft Targets in Czech Republic
Lucia Duricova, Martin Hromada, and Jan Mrazek
keywords: Management system; Safety requirements; Soft targets; System solution.

General Model for Personal Data Sensitivity Determination
Tomáš Loveček, Marián Magdolen, Jozef Ristvej, and Martin Hromada
keywords: Personal data protection; security measures, data security; privacy

A Study on User Perceptions of ICT Security
Christine Schuster, Martin Latzenhofer, Stefan Schauer, Johannes Göllner, Christian Meurers, Andreas Peer, Peter Prah, Gerald Quirchmayr, and Thomas Benesch
keywords: information security; user perceptions; attitude; human risk factor; work satisfaction; compliance

Visualization of Privacy Risks in Software Systems
George O. M. Yee
keywords: software; system; privacy; risks; visualization

Information Security Maturity as an Integral Part of ISMS based Risk Management Tools
Ben Fetler and Carlo Harpes
keywords: Information Security Management System; Maximal Efficiency Rate; Return On Security Maturity Investment; Information Security Risk Analysis; Security Maturity.

Modeling Vulnerable Internet of Things on SHODAN and CENSYS : An Ontology for Cyber Security
Marc Arnaert, Yoann Bertrand, and Karima Boudaoud
keywords: Keywords-vulnerability; Shodan; Internet of Things; Censys; ontology; cyber security

Energy-aware Security Adaptation in Ubiquitous Mobile Network
Tewfiq El Maliki and Aïcha Rizzotti-Kaddouri
keywords: framework; autonomic; security adaptation; energy awareness; mobile network

Security Update and Incident Handling for IoT-devices; A Privacy-Aware Approach
Geir Køien
keywords: Internet-of-Things; Smart home; Incident reporting; Security maintenance; Privacy; Security management.

Attacker-Parametrised Attack Graphs
Alastair Janse van Rensburg, Jason R. C. Nurse, and Michael Goldsmith
keywords: Attack graphs; attacker profiling; intrusion detection

Study on Dual Data Structure in Enterprise Information Security Architecture
Mikio Suzuki and Fumihiro Kubota
keywords: Operation Center; logs; Dual Data Structure; Information Security Policy.

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