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ThinkMind // SENSORDEVICES 2018, The Ninth International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications

Type: conference

Download: SENSORDEVICES 2018 cover page

Download: SENSORDEVICES 2018 foreword page

Download: SENSORDEVICES 2018 committee page

Download: SENSORDEVICES 2018 table of contents

Download: SENSORDEVICES 2018 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Paulo E. Cruvinel, Embrapa Instrumentation, Brazil
Manuela Vieira, CTS-UNINOVA, Portugal
Manuel Augusto Vieira, Electronics inside the Electronic
Telecommunication and Computer Department of ISEL, Lisbon, Portugal
Arcady Zhukov, University Basque Country, Spain
Ivan Miguel Serrano Pires, University of Beira Interior - Covilhã, Portugal
Vittorio M.N. Passaro, PhD, Associate Professor, Politecnico di Bari, Italy
Vítor Carvalho, PhD, IPCA-EST-2Ai & Algoritmi Research Centre, Portugal

Event editions: - there are 10 editions.

ISSN: 2308-3514

ISBN: 978-1-61208-660-6

Location: Venice, Italy

Dates: from September 16, 2018 to September 20, 2018

Articles: there are 38 articles

Optimization of Giant Magnetoimpedance Effect in Co-rich Magnetic Microwires
Paula Corte-León, Lorena Gonzalez-Legarreta, Valentina Zhukova, Mihail Ipatov, Julian Gonzalez, Juan Maria Blanco, and Arcady Zhukov
keywords: giant magnetoimpedance effect, magnetic microwires; magnetic softness

Tunning the Giant Magnetoimpedance Effect in Fe-rich Magnetic Microwires by Stress- annealing
Paula Corte-León, Lorena Gonzalez-Legarreta, Valentina Zhukova, Mihail Ipatov, Juan Maria Blanco, and Arcady Zhukov
keywords: giant magnetoimpedance effect; magnetic microwires; magnetic softness

Technological Chain for Tuning of Magnetic Properties of Glass Covered Microwire for Sensor Application
Alexander Chizhik, Arkady Zhukov, Julian Gonzalez, Paula Corte-Leon, and Andrzej Stupakiewicz
keywords: Soft magnetic materials; Amorphous magnetic wires; Magneto-optic Kerr effect

The developemnt of ASIC type GSR sensor drived by GHz pulse current
Yoshinobu Honkura and Shinpei Honkura
keywords: GSR sensor, GMI sensor, GHz pulse

High Perfomance GMI Sensor for Biomagnetic Field Measurement
Tsuyoshi Uchiyama and Jiaju Ma
keywords: amorphou wire; GMI sensor; MCG; MEG.

New Advances in Quartz Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for Gas Sensing Applications
Giansergio Menduni, Arianna Elefante, Pietro Patimisco, Angelo Sampaolo, Marilena Giglio, Vittorio Passaro, and Vincenzo Spagnolo
keywords: Quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy; gas sensing; custom quartz tuning fork; acoustic resonators; dual-gas detection.

Concept of Optical Sensor Utilising the Far Field Pattern Radiated by Periodic Grating Strips Over Silica Cladding on the Silicon Wire Waveguide
Vittorio Passaro, Francesco De Leonardis, Andrei Tsarev, and Eugeny Kolosovsky
keywords: silicon wire; segmented grating; far fiald patern; optical sensor; numerical modeling; FDTD method

Silicon Photonics for Mid-Infrared Sensing
D. J. Rowe, Y. Qi, V. Mittal, A. Osman, Z. Qu, Y. Wu, M. Banakar, J. Soler Penades, J. S. Wilkinson, M. Nedeljkovic, G. Z. Mashanovich, A. Sánchez-Postigo, J. G. Wangüemert-Pérez, A. Ortega-Moñux, R. Halir, and I. Molina-Fernández
keywords: silicon; germanium; mid-infrared;waveguides

Chemical Sensors in Plastic Optical Fibers
Luigi Zeni, Maria Pesavento, and Nunzio Cennamo
keywords: plastic optical fibers; chemical sensors; molecularly imprinted polymers; optical fiber sensors

Low Index Photonic Membrane Textile for Personal Thermoregulation
Salim Assaf, Yan Pennec, Alexander Korovin, Vincent Thomy, Anthony Treizebre, and Bahram Djafar Rouhani
keywords: photonic polymer membrane; personal heating regulation; human body; MIR; textile; reflectivity; numerical calculations; Finite Element Method.

Evanescent field sensors based on Si photonics
Andreas Tortschanoff, Christian Ranacher, Cristina Consani, and Thomas Griller
keywords: silicon photonics; evanescent field sensor; directional coupler; integrated sensor

1D MEMS Micro-Scanning LiDAR
Norbert Druml, Ievgeniia Maksymova, Thomas Thurner, Diederik van Lierop, Marcus Hennecke, and Andreas Foroutan
keywords: LiDAR; direct Time-of-Flight; 1D MEMS mirror; micro-scanning

Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi) Optical Sensing and Detection in Large Indoor Environements
Manuela Vieira, Manuel Augusto Vieira, Paula Louro, Pedro Vieira, and Alessandro Fantoni
keywords: Visible Light Communication; Indoor positioning; Square and hexagonal topologies; SiC technology; optical sensor; transmitter; receiver; Multiplex/demultiplex techniques.

A Low-Voltage Folded-Cascode OP Amplifier with a Dynamic Switching Bias Circuit
Hiroo Wakaumi
keywords: CMOS; operational amplifier; dynamic switching; switched capacitor circuit; filter

Low Profile Circularly Polarized Antenna with Large Coverage for Multi-Sensor Device Links Optimisation
Mohamad Majed, Youssef Sbeity, Michele Lalande, and Bernard Jecko
keywords: Sensor; Radar; Circular Polarization; Antenna; Miniature; Larger Aperture Angle

Sensors-Based Stereo Image System for Precision Control of Weed in the Agricultural Industry
Bruno M. Moreno and Paulo E. Cruvinel
keywords: Camera sensors; Embedded platform; Stereo vision; Image sensor; Decision making; Weed control; Agricultural industry

Reliability Assessment of New and Updated Consumer-Grade Activity and Heart Rate Monitors
Salome Oniani, Sandra I. Woolley, Ivan Miguel Pires, Nuno M. Garcia, Tim Collins, Sean Ledger, and Anand Pandyan
keywords: wearable sensing; activity monitoring; ambulatory heart rate, inter-instrument reliability.

Hydriney: A Mobile Application to Help in the Control of Kidney Stones Disease
Tânia Valente, Ivan Miguel Pires, Nuno M. Garcia, Nuno Pombo, and João Orvalho
keywords: mHealth; Hydriney; Nephrolithiasis; Water Consumption; Urinary pH; kidney Stones; Uralyt-U; Calcium oxalate; Calcium phosphate; Uric acid.

An Efficient Machine Learning-based Fall Detection Algorithm for Elderly Fall Detection
Faisal Hussain, Muhammad Basit Umair, Muhammad Ehatisham-ul-Haq, Ivan Miguel Pires, Tânia Valente, Nuno M. Garcia, and Nuno Pombo
keywords: Elderly Fall Detection; Human Fall Detection; Wearable Fall Detection System; Fall Monitoring System; SisFall Dataset; Machine Learning Algorithms; KNN; SVM.

What Do We Mean by the Validation of Activity Monitoring Devices?
Nuno M. Garcia, Nuno Pombo, Ivan Miguel Pires, Salome Oniani, Ia Mosashvili, and Gisele Souza
keywords: regulation; mobile tchnologies; activity monitoring; security; privacy.

Temperature Monitoring in Tissue Phantoms via Spatially Resolved Measurement of Longitudinal Wave Speed
Mario Wolf, Lukas Timmermann, André Juhrig, Katharina Rath, Felix Krujatz, and Elfgard Kühnicke
keywords: Ultrasound; Temperature Monitoring; Annular Arrays; Tissue phantoms

Spatially-Resolved Determination of Transverse Wave Speed in Tissue Phantoms Using High-Frequent Ultrasound
Lukas Timmermann, Mario Wolf, André Juhrig, Katharina Rath, Elfgard Kühnicke, and Felix Krujatz
keywords: Ultrasound; Shear Wave Velocity; Scattering Parti- cles; Tissue Phantom.

A Transducer with Inversion Layer Technique for Expanded Lesion Size in HIFU Surgery
Jin Ho Sung, Da Sol Kwon, Eun Young Jeong, and Jong Seob Jeong
keywords: finite element analysis; dual-concentric HIFU transducer; high intensity focused ultrasound; inversion layer; phase inversion

Self-Assembled Plasmonic Sensor Platforms: a Promising Approach for Monitoring Enzymatic Degradation of Thin Gelatin Layers
Markus Weiler, Stefan B. Quint, Supratim Basak, and Claudia Pacholski
keywords: Optical sensor; bottom-up; enzymes; surface plasmon resonance; real-time monitoring

Improvement and Application of Sensor Device Capable of Autonomously Keeping Accurate Time Information for Buildings and Civil Infrastructures
Narito Kurata
keywords: Time Synchronization; Chip Scale Atomic Clock; Earthquake Observation; Structural Health Monitoring; Acceleration Sensor.

Navigation Cells Based on Visible Light Communication for Indoor Positioning
Paula Louro, Manuela Vieira, and Manuel Augusto Vieira
keywords: amorphous SiC; optoelectronic; spectral sensitivity; white LEDs; visible light communication; indoor positioning

Capillary Sensors with Two Coupled LEDs for UV-Forced Degradation and Fluorescence Reading of Chemical Stability of Diesel Fuels
Michal Borecki, Mateusz Gęca, Michael L. Korwin-Pawlowski, Piotr Doroz, Przemysław Prus, and Jan Szmidt
keywords: biodiesel fuel stability; diesel fuel instability; unsaturated hydrocarbons; capillary sensor; LED excited fluorescence; UV degradation

Use of Body-Diode for Thermal Monitoring of Power MOSFET
Giovanni Pangallo, Riccardo Carotenuto, Demetrio Iero, Massimo Merenda, Giovanna Adinolfi, Giorgio Graditi, and Francesco Giuseppe Della Corte
keywords: Junction temperature; Power MOSFET; Temperature measurement; Temperature sensors; Linear sensors.

Ultra Low Power Consumption Magnetic Microsystem for IoT Applications
Janez Trontelj, Damjan Bercan, and Aleksander Sesek
keywords: Ultra low power consumption, magnetic microsystem, IoT applications

Development of a Real-Time Evaluation System For Top Taekwondo Athletes - SPERTA
Pedro Cunha, Vítor Carvalho, and Filomena Soares
keywords: motion analysis; orbbec astra; performance; real-time; Taekwondo.

Sensors Selection and Detailed Mechanical Design on Developing a Mechatronic System for the Promotion of Physical Activity
Leandro Pereira, Vítor Hugo Mendes da Costa Carvalho Vítor, Demétrio Matos, José Machado, and Filomena Soares
keywords: Serious Games; Rehabilitation; Modular Design; Sensors and Actuators.

An approach to behavioural distraction patterns detection and classification in a Human-Robot Interaction
Bruno Amaro, Vinicius Silva, Filomena Soares, and João Sena Esteves
keywords: Human-Robot Interaction; ZECA Robot; Distraction Patterns; Emotional States; Machine Learning.

Serious Games Assisted By Playware As A Way To Improve Socio-Emotional Skills In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
José Azevedo, Vinicius Silva, Filomena Soares, João Sena Esteves, and Ana Paula Pereira
keywords: Serious Games; Playware; Autism Spectrum Disorder; Emotions

Real-Time Gesture Classification for Monitoring Elderly Physical Activity Using a Wireless Wearable Device
Alexandre Calado, Pedro Leite, Filomena Soares, Paulo Novais, Pedro Arezes, Filipe Sousa, and Joana Silva
keywords: Gesture Recognition; Activity Monitoring; SVM; Boccia

Investigating the Relevance of Sensor Selection: Recognition of ADLs Based on Feet Movement and Posture Information
Rafael de Pinho André, Pedro Henrique Diniz, and Hugo Fuks
keywords: Clothes-based sensors; IoT (Internet of Things) devices; Mobile sensing applications

Vehicular Visible Light Communication I2V2V2I Connected Cars
Manuel Augusto Vieira, Manuela Vieira, Paula Vieira, and Pedro Vieira
keywords: I2V, V2I and V2V Vehicular communication; Visible Light Communication; white LEDs; SiC photodetectors; OOK modulation; Traffic control

ReCal – an Innovative Mathematical Procedure to Determine the Date of Timely Recalibration for Sensor Systems with Metal Oxide Gas Sensors
Rolf Seifert and Hubert Keller
keywords: sensor system; metal oxide gas sensors; threshold apllications; timely recalibration; date of recalibration; simulation calculations

One Year of Wrist Actimetry at One Second Epoch in Real Life
Gianluigi Delucca
keywords: Actimetry; Actigraphy; Circadian rhythms.

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