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ThinkMind // SIMUL 2013, The Fifth International Conference on Advances in System Simulation

Type: conference

Download: SIMUL 2013 cover page

Download: SIMUL 2013 foreword page

Download: SIMUL 2013 committee page

Download: SIMUL 2013 table of contents

Download: SIMUL 2013 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Marek Bauer, Cracow University of Technology, Poland
Pascal Lorenz, University on Haute Alsace, France

Event editions: - there are 11 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4537

ISBN: 978-1-61208-308-7

Location: Venice, Italy

Dates: from October 27, 2013 to October 31, 2013

Articles: there are 31 articles

A Standardized Simulation Model with Strategic Approach for Distribution Networks: A Case Study in Mexico
Homero Hector Contreras Pulido, Jose Pablo Nuño de la Parra, Eric Porras Musalem, and Eduardo Zelaya de la Parra
keywords: strategy, simulation, distribution

Hycon 2 Network Show Case: Sugar Factory
Alexander Rodriguez, Luis Felipe Acebes, Rogelio Mazaeda, Alejandro Merino, and Cesar de Prada
keywords: process-industry; benchmarking; hybrid systems control

Towards Unified Conceptual Modeling and Integrated Analysis in Joint Applications of Project Management, Business Process Management and Simulation
Germano de Souza Kienbaum, Álvaro Augusto Neto, Carlos Alberto M. B. dos Santos, Andréa N. P. Durán, Renato Fernandez, and Celso Israel Fornari
keywords: unified conceptual modeling; product lifecycle management; business process management; project management; process simulation; process science and technology

Application of Lean Thinking Using Simulation Modeling in a Private Hospital
Ayman Tobail, Patricia Egan, Waleed Abo-Hamad, and Amr Arisha
keywords: Lean; Modeling and Simulation; Healthcare

Simulation Model of a Bus Line in Changing Traffic Conditions
Marek Bauer
keywords: urban transport; bus lane; simulation

A System of Pendulums on a Regular Polygon
Alexander P. Buslaev and Alexander G. Tatashev
keywords: dynamical system; transport models; synergy; cell automata

Concept for a Task–Specific Reconfigurable Driving Simulator
Bassem Hassan and Jürgen Gausemeier
keywords: Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS); reconfigurable driving simulator; configuration mechanism; solution elements

Simulation and Validation of a Heuristic Scheduling Algorithm for Multicore Systems
James Docherty, Alex Bystrov, and Alex Yakovlev
keywords: Energy Harvesting; Heuristic Algorithms; Monte Carlo Simulations;

Reasoning on Concurrency: An Approach to Modeling and Verification of Java Thread-safe Objects
Franco Cicirelli, Libero Nigro, and Francesco Pupo
keywords: Modeling and verification; concurrent systems; Java; thread-safe objects; model checking; UPPAAL

Monitoring and Modeling Web Server Performance: A Symbiotic Simulation Approach
Antonios Kogias, Mara Nikolaidou, and Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos
keywords: modeling; web-server simulation; symbiotic simulation; faster-than-real-time simulation

A Flexible Analytic Model for a Dynamic Task-Scheduling Unit for Heterogeneous MPSoCs
Oliver Arnold, Benedikt Noethen, and Gerhard Fettweis
keywords: Heterogeneous MPSoC, Dynamic Task Scheduling, CoreManager, Analytical Model

Practical Methodology for Adding New MANET Routing Protocols to OPNET Modeler
Rani Al-Maharmah, Guido Bruck, and Peter Jung
keywords: communication systems modeling; simulation-based approach; OPNET Modeler; MANET routing protocols; MACHM

Combining Genetic Algorithms and Simulation to Search for Failure Scenarios in System Models
Kevin Mills, Christopher Dabrowski, James Filliben, and Sandy Ressler
keywords: genetic algorithms; model-based prediction; simulation methodology; system design

A Matlab/Simulink Simulation Approach for Early Field-Programmable Gate Array Hardware Evaluation
Celso Barbante and Jose Oliveira
keywords: Model verification; Matlab; FPGA design

Rapid Weighted Random Selection in Agent-based Models of Infectious Disease Dynamics Using Augmented B-trees
Roel Bakker, Tony Busker, Richard G. White, and Sunil Choenni
keywords: weighted random selection; ABM; agent-based modeling; infectious disease epidemics; B-tree; performance.

Estimating Energy Efficiency of Data-Link Layer in System Level Performance Evaluation
Subayal Khan, Jukka Saastamoinen, Jyrki Huusko, Juha Korpi, and Jari Nurmi
keywords: Data-link; ABSOLUT; System Level Performance Evaluation; Distributed systems; Energy Consumption

Modeling Planned and Unplanned Store Stops for the Scenario Based Simulation of Pedestrian Activity in City Centers
Jan Dijkstra and Joran Jessurun
keywords: Monte Carlo Simulation, Activity Agenda, Agent Based Modeling, Pedestrian Dynamics

Pricing the Cloud: An Adaptive Brokerage for Cloud Computing
Philip Clamp and John Cartlidge
keywords: CReST; simulation; cloud computing; brokerage

Simulating Tree Plasticity with a Functional-structural Plant Model: Being Realistic in Behavior
Haoyu Wang, Jing Hua, Mengzhen Kang, Xiujuan Wang, Philippe de Reffye, and Baogang Hu
keywords: Tree competition; Plasticity; GreenLab; Light environment; Bud break; FSPM; Emergent property.

A Non-Modular Modeling and Simulation Approach Based on DEVS for the Forest Fire Spread
Maamar Hamri and Youcef Dahmani
keywords: forest fire spread M&S; DEVS.

ComCas: A Compiled Cycle Accurate Simulation for Hardware Architecture
Adrien Bullich, Mikaël Briday, Jean-Luc Béchennec, and Yvon Trinquet
keywords: Cycle Accurate Simulation; interpreted simulation; compiled simulation; HADL

Evaluating Options of Viennese Commuters to Use Sustainable Transport Modes
Gerda Hartl and Gabriel Wurzer
keywords: commuter traffic simulation; multi modal transportation network; sustainable city; agent-based modeling

Evaluation of the Northern Sardinia Forests Suitability for a Wood Biomass CHP System Installation
Pier Francesco Orrù, Emanuela Melis, Laura Fais, Francesca Napoli, Cristina Pilo, and Michele Puxeddu
keywords: geographical information systems; forest biomass; wood-energy supply chain; cogeneration

Developing a Simulation Model for a Level of Usage
Andrew Greasley
keywords: simulation; methodology; development

A CC2420 Transceiver Simulation Module for ns-3 and its Integration into the FERAL Simulator Framework
Anuschka Igel and Reinhard Gotzhein
keywords: CC2420 simulation module; ns-3; net device; simulator framework

Physical Layer Simulation of Large Distributed Automation Systems in SPICE
Patrick Diekhake and Eckehard Schnieder
keywords: large distributed automation systems; physical layer simulation; signal integrity; fieldbus simulation

A New Distributed Parallel Event-driven Timing Simulation for ECO Design Changes
Seiyang Yang, Doohwan Kwak, Jaehoon Han, and Namdo Kim
keywords: distributed parallel simulation; synchronization; communication; partitioning; simulator; simulation; verification; EDA

GRIND: An Generic Interface for Coupling Power Grid Simulators with Traffic, Communication and Application Simulation Tools
David Chuang, Bjoern Schuenemann, David Rieck, and Ilja Radusch
keywords: VSimRTI, Simulation Tools, Electric Mobility

Personalizing Thermal Comfort in a Prototype Indoor Space
Sotirios D Kotsopoulos, Antoine Cuenin, and Federico Casalegno
keywords: thermal comfort; simulation; fuzzy logic.

The Impact of Control Setpoints on Building Energy Use
Stephen Treado and Xing Liu
keywords: cooling; control systems; energy; heating; HVAC; optimization

Design and Simulation of an Energy-Positive Building
Catalina Tiberiu, Popescu Razvan, Soare Martha, Serban Ovidiu, and Bajenaru Nicolae
keywords: positive energy house; dynamic simulations; multi-source system.

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