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October 03, 2021 to October 07, 2021 - Barcelona, Spain

  • UBICOMM 2021, The Fifteenth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies
  • ADVCOMP 2021, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advanced Engineering Computing and Applications in Sciences
  • SEMAPRO 2021, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing
  • AMBIENT 2021, The Eleventh International Conference on Ambient Computing, Applications, Services and Technologies
  • EMERGING 2021, The Thirteenth International Conference on Emerging Networks and Systems Intelligence
  • DATA ANALYTICS 2021, The Tenth International Conference on Data Analytics
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SoftNet 2021 Congress
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  • VALID 2021, The Thirteenth International Conference on Advances in System Testing and Validation Lifecycle
  • SIMUL 2021, The Thirteenth International Conference on Advances in System Simulation
  • SOTICS 2021, The Eleventh International Conference on Social Media Technologies, Communication, and Informatics
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  • HEALTHINFO 2021, The Sixth International Conference on Informatics and Assistive Technologies for Health-Care, Medical Support and Wellbeing

NetWare 2021 Congress
November 14, 2021 to November 18, 2021 - Athens, Greece

  • SENSORCOMM 2021, The Fifteenth International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications
  • SENSORDEVICES 2021, The Twelfth International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications
  • SECURWARE 2021, The Fifteenth International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies
  • AFIN 2021, The Thirteenth International Conference on Advances in Future Internet
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  • ICQNM 2021, The Fifteenth International Conference on Quantum, Nano/Bio, and Micro Technologies
  • FASSI 2021, The Seventh International Conference on Fundamentals and Advances in Software Systems Integration
  • GREEN 2021, The Sixth International Conference on Green Communications, Computing and Technologies

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  • CORETA 2021, Advances on Core Technologies and Applications
  • DIGITAL 2021, Advances on Societal Digital Transformation


ThinkMind // eTELEMED 2017, The Ninth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine

Type: conference

Download: eTELEMED 2017 cover page

Download: eTELEMED 2017 foreword page

Download: eTELEMED 2017 committee page

Download: eTELEMED 2017 table of contents

Download: eTELEMED 2017 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Marike Hettinga, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
Yoshitoshi Murata, Iwate Prefectural University, Japan
Britt Östlund, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
Bobby Gheorghiu, Canada Health Infoway/Inforoute Santé du Canada, Canada
SeungHee Lee, University of Tsukuba, Japan
José Machado, University of Minho, Portugal
Carlos Filipe da Silva Portela, University of Minho, Portugal
Aranka Dol, Hanzehogeschool University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
Paolo Perego, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Event editions: - there are 11 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4359

ISBN: 978-1-61208-540-1

Location: Nice, France

Dates: from March 19, 2017 to March 23, 2017

Articles: there are 32 articles

The Problem of Retrieving Clinical Guidelines in Self-Care
Juha Puustjärvi and Leena Puustjärvi
keywords: Self-Care; Clinical Guidelines; Evidence-Based Medicine; Semantic Web; SPARQL

Roadmap for Collaborative eHealth Service Architectures for Homecare
Niels Frederik Garmann-Johnsen and Santiago Martinez
keywords: Service architecture; Business models; Enterprise systems; technology innovation; technology adoption.

A Qualitative Study of Parents` Experiences of Information Exchange between the Tertiary Health Service and the Child`s Local Support Team using Videoconference
Merete Kristin Tschamper and Wenche Schrøder Bjorbækmo
keywords: Parent, chronic disease/illness, epilesy, disability, videoconference, patient education.

Kansei Design Applied on Hospital Beds: Medical Design for Patient and Caregiver
Eiji Onchi and SeungHee Lee
keywords: hospital bed; kansei design; rehabilitation; user experience; emotions

Sleep Evaluation Influenced by Negative Emotions and Memories After Awakening Among Adolescents and Young Adults
Huan Wen Lu and SeungHee Lu
keywords: sleep hygiene; sleep evaluation; activity tracking; bad sleeping experience

Study on the Effectiveness of Coloring on Physical and Mental Health of the Elderly in Adult Daycare Centers
Chuan Feng, Ya Wen Deng, Naomi Okubo, Tetsuya Sanpei, and SeungHee Lee
keywords: coloring; art therapy; elderly; daycare center

A Diary Study of Smart Phone Notification System For College Students
Ji Wang, Qingyao Zhang, Qinqing Gong, and SeungHee Lee
keywords: notification system; smart phone; dairy study; user experience

Kid’s Friendly Wearable Device for Children’s Daily Safety
SeungHee Lee
keywords: wearable device: kid’s friendly design; information sharing; children’s safety

Improving Diagnosis-related Groups with a Computerized Clinical Coding Tool for ICD-9-CM Codification
Cecília Coimbra, Marisa Esteves, Filipe Miranda, Filipe Portela, Manuel Santos, José Machado, and António Abelha
keywords: ICD-9-CM; Diagnosis-related Groups; Hospital Discharges; Single-page Application; Proof of Concept.

Pervasive Business Intelligence in Intensive Medicine - An Overview of a Clinical Solution
Ana Pereira, Filipe Portela, Manuel Filipe Santos, José Machado, António Abelha, and Fernando Rua
keywords: ; Pervasive, Business Intelligence, Intensive Care Unit

Future Directions of Applying Healthcare Cloud for Home-based Chronic Disease Care
Yan Hu, Sara Eriksén, and Jenny Lundberg
keywords: future trends; hybrid cloud; chronic diseases; home-based care

Technology in Health Care. A New Research and Teaching Subject in Collaboration Between Nursing and Engineering
Britt Östlund, Gunilla Björling, Janet Mattsson, Sara Stridh, and Madeleine Sahlström
keywords: collaboration, nursing science, caring science, engineering, patient support, digitization.

How to Evaluate a m-Health Project: Case of e-Ambulance in Japan
Masatsugu Tsuji, Yoshihisa Matsumoto, and Masaru Ogawa
keywords: e-ambulance; WTP; Cost-benefit analysis; CVM; B/C ratio.

Proposal of Gait Monitoring Shoes Based on Comparative Analysis of Walking Gait Cycle between Normal People and Stroke Patients
Shohei Yoshida and Yoshitoshi Murata
keywords: falls, trip, wearable device, hemiplegia, guit, shoes

Mood Detection and Memory Performance Evaluation with Body Sensors
Jonathan Bohbot and Zeljko Zilic
keywords: Mood Detection, Brain Waves, Heart Rate Variability, Body Sensors, Android Application

Cumulative Benefits of Digital Health Investments in Canada
Bobby Gheorghiu and Simon Hagens
keywords: electronic health record (EHR); adoption; digital health; benefits; telehealth; electronic medical record (EMR)

Leverging Technology to Advance Patient Engagement in a Mental Health Care Setting
Wendy Odell and Sanaz Riahi
keywords: mental health; patient engagement; patient portal; mobile health; virtual health

An Ultra-Band Study of Pulse Rate Variability for Homecare by Using Instantaneous Pulse Rate Variability
Po-Hsun Huang, Chia-Chi Chang, and Tzu-Chien Hsiao
keywords: Pulse rate variability (PRV); Empirical mode decomposition (EMD); Instantaneous PRV (iPRV)

Application of Holo-Hilbert Spectral Analysis on Human Breathing Movement with Isovolume Maneuver
Jia-Hua Lee, Ya-Chen Chen, and Tzu-Chien Hsiao
keywords: Holo-Hilbert spectral analysis (HHSA); Empirical mode decomposition (EMD); Isovolume manuver (IVM)

Engaged Scholarship as Research Method: a Best Practice for evidence based ITinnovations for People with Severe Dementia
Elles Gyaltsen-Lohuis and Marike Hettinga
keywords: engaged scholarship; IT-innovations in health care; dementia; research method; evidence.

Simulation-Based Learning in Undergraduate Nursing Education in Japan A review of the literature
Kazuma Takahashi and Natsuko Miura
keywords: nursing education; nursing; simulation; simulators; health care professionals

Effects of a Blended Learning System on Improving the Physical Assessment Ability of Nursing Students
Machiko Saeki Yagi, Natsuko Miura, and Shigeki Tsuzuku
keywords: -e-learning; nursing students; physical assessment; nurse education.

Development of Educational Medical Equipment Capable of Displaying Abnormal Value -To turn simulated patient into real patient-
Natsuko Miura, Kazuma Takahashi, and Takanori Ito
keywords: Physical Assessment; Simulated Patient; Clinical reasoning.

Demonstration of The KINECT-Based Auscultation Practice System
Yoshitoshi Murata, Kazuhiro Yoshida, and Natsuko Miura
keywords: auscultation, physical assessmen, demonstration

The Use of Dialectical Dialogues in a Personalized Virtual Coach for Obese Emotional Eaters: A Research Protocol for a field study among target group
Aranka Dol, Olga Kulyk, Hugo Velthuijsen, Lisette van Gemert, and Tatjana van Strien
keywords: personalized virtual coach; obesity; emotional eaters; persuasive technology; eHealth; mHealth; tailoring messages; coaching strategies

Toward a Generic Personalized Virtual Coach for Selfmanagement: a Proposal for an Architecture
Johan Blok, Aranka Dol, and Talko Dijkhuis
keywords: virtual coach; personalization; coaching strategy; data science; model based software development.

Predicting of Running Injuries from Training load: a Machine Learning Approach
Talko Dijkhuis, Ruby Otter, Hugo Velthuijsen, and Koen Lemmink
keywords: Human Performance; Machine Learning; Predictive Analysis; Load; Injuries; Monitoring; Endurance Athletes

Improving the Well-Being of Older People by Reducing Their Energy Consumption Through Energy-Aware Systems
Jon Robinson, Kofi Appiah, and Raheem Yousaf
keywords: energy-efficiency; energy-awareness; intelligent sensor systems; recommender systems; well-being

Tele-rehabilitation Platform for Upper and Lower Limb in Elderly Patients, the HEAD Project
Franco Molteni, Cristina Gramigna, Samuela Canobbio, Milena Peverelli, Silvia Aggujaro, Mauro Rossini, Giovanna Palumbo, Giandomenico Caruso, and Mario Covarrubias
keywords: Tele-rehabilitation; Gaming; LeapMotion; Kinect

A Novel Kinematic Model for Wearable Gait Analysis
Marcello Fusca, Paolo Perego, and Giuseppe Andreoni
keywords: wearable device; wearable sensors; gait analysis; human kinematics; clinical application; algorithms.

Proposal of a Validation Protocol for Wearable Systems Reliability Assessment
Giuseppe Andreoni, Paolo Perego, Marcello Fasco, Martina Caramenti, Fabio Rastelli, and Claudio Lafortuna
keywords: wearable systems; validation protocol; reliability; accuracy; real life testing.

FrailSafe eCRF Clinical Data collection tool
Luca Bianconi, Cristiana Degano, Fabio Podda, and Matteo Toma
keywords: eCRF; Cloud; eHealth; Monitoring; Data collection.

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